I Miss the Old Past Sittings Feedback

Is just me or the new sits feedback is terrible?

Before we had all ways to give feedback about Organized, Reliable, Self-Sufficient, Tidy, Pet Caring, and now we have just 0-5 stars???

Before if we had anything that happened in the sitting, we could just say it with the stars, and now we have to create a hole text inside the feedback to say why we did not think, it deserved a 5 stars.

And to return to the old way, I believe wouldn’t be possible, because the lost all the old feedbacks from the system maybe. But, I’m deeply sad to know that even a restaurant give us more options of feedback compared to the platform where we are able to travel around the whole world, and we lost this way of express. Hope someday they get anything closer to the way it was before.

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Maybe this was changed on purpose to paint a rosier picture to get new members to sign up.

Hi @Luna2000 , to my knowledge there is nothing different about the feedback sitters give to pet owners. There was never a list of categories for sitters to rate pet owners. There is a list of categories for owners to rate sitters. Maybe that is what your thinking of? The review system will be changing in the near future, so stay tuned.

I still see the different categories on my existing reviews. have they removed them for future reviews?

Maybe they are doing an experiment on us again, where some of us see something different than the control group?

we used to have all categories, for sitters and owners, and now just 1-5stars

How long ago was this @Luna2000? I’ve been a member since 2015 and owners have never had categories like sitters have in that time.