I want to be part of the community and take care of my first pet

Hi, I am Joice
and I am going for an academic internship in Boston in august 2022.
I am going with my husband and daughter and we would like to share these tasks while we are in the city for 6 months.
While I am on the internship, my husband and daughter will take care of the household chores including our cute little pet friend.

I would really like to be part of the community, but everyone says that to be accepted I need to have recommendations from other hosts, but it will be our first experience, how do we do this? My English level is very basic, is it possible that the owners will accept me to take care of their home and puppies?

I would be grateful for anyone who can help with information on how to apply for and get our first housesit


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Hello @joice and welcome to the forum. First let me say that your English is certainly good enough to create a sitter profile for you and your family.

I suggest you take a look at a post done that is similar to your question:

Why would an owner use a newbie?

In case you’re not familiar with the word ‘newbie’, it’s just a casual way of saying a new person.

Notice that people were very encouraging when they answered that question. It’s a good time for new sitters to start house sitting as many are needed.

Before you consider how to apply for and get your first sit, you need to take time to write your sitter profile. Once you have your sitter membership set up, you can use that to create your sitter profile. You could then ask forum members or a friend to look at it and give you their opinion.

As people have suggested to you, you should ask for about three references from people who can show that you have experience with pets, or have taken care of their home, for example. This will help a homeowner decide whether you are someone they would feel comfortable leaving their home and pets in the care of you and your family.

If you need any help with starting your account, membership services will help you.

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I am very, very happy about the clarifications, thank you!
and yes, I will need the support’s help to make the evaluation of my profile if it is good or not to postulate us to our first house. I already take care of animals when I find street dogs or abandoned ones, and after they are vaccinated and treated I apply for adoption. but my experience taking care of someone else’s pet will be our first time :smiley:


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We all had to start somewhere. When I first joined THS, I also made a website about us. This let me make a more polished introduction, and I only had to do in once. When I apply for a sit, I say: Please see our site

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I loved the tip Chris and Theresa, I think it looks much better even to talk about the contact I had with abandoned animals and our relationship with our pets in Brazil.
Although I have never taken care of other animals like this modality that THS provides us.

Thank you very much!