I'd like saved search notifications for a specific city, not the surrounding area

I’m a big fan of saved searches because I love getting notifications for sits inside a specific city. However, I very often get a lot of saved search notifications for sits OUTSIDE of the city that I’ve created a saved search. In some cases that’s ok, it can be fun to see what’s “nearby” my saved search, but other times I really only want notifications for that specific city I created a saved search for.

Example: Creating a saved search for Vancouver, WA, but most of the sit notifications for that saved search being nearby Portland, OR.

I’m aware I can use the “sort by” and “distance” filters when I’m newly searching to show me sits in the specific city, but that doesn’t seem to help/apply when it’s turned into a saved search. Is there a way to have a saved search/notifications only apply to one specific city and not get notifications about sits outside that city in nearby towns?

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Yes, it is annoying. One gets a choice of “Region” or “City” etc, but it does not make any difference: the search radius is 50 kilometers or so. Strange for an internet-based company that was sold for 100 million GBP.

The workaround that I use is saving map searches (in the web interface).


Thank you @pietkuip I also wish the “distance to this city” filter remained in place when you go back to view the saved search. Otherwise, it requires scrolling through quite a few sits to find the ones in the city of your saved search. But it seems like these kinds of options/updates may not be implemented for some time.

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