I'm impressed

I’m sure this system isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darned good. I’m a new member and just setting up my first sit, but I couldn’t be more impressed with the way the system works and the support provided.

Did I miss somewhere that the community forum requires it’s own account/password (figured it out, but I thought it was part of the main site/app)!

Hello everyone!

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Hello, @DrakesDad Thank you for the awesome feedback! I am super pleased to hear that you are enjoying using the site and community forum.

This link will help explain more about how to navigate the forum and included about the different login (we hope to have it the same one day) - however as you mentioned you worked that part out :slight_smile: :grinning:

Please add a link to your TrustedHousesitters sitting profile to your forum profile, that way other forum members can see your sitter profile and provide feedback and tips and just generally get to know you.


Keep us updated about your first sit!

Best wishes Carla

Hi @DrakesDad - Welcome to trusted house sitters. It is a little confusing as they do try to keep the forum as a separate entity from the main site probably because you do not have to be a member of THS to be a member of the forum.

However, if you are a member of THS you can go to the site from the forum directly by clicking the ‘doghouse’ icon on the top left-hand side of the forum page