I'm maybe new

I’m about to join officially but wanted to make sure this is a legit deal. It’s seems too good to be true. One price a year, sitters to do overnight sits with my two dogs, no extra out of pocket. Am I understanding this correctly?


Hello @Sanchez A very warm welcome to the forum community, It is a great question as someone new to the website.

If you would like to learn more about how TrustedHousesitters works and why we have such a great pet-loving community then you have come to the right place and I am sure that you will receive lots of helpful comments from other community members.

If you use the spyglass then there are lots of helpful topics to get you started.

This one topic has some information that I think you would find useful as to why sitters sit on the website for free:

Here is our how it works page: How it Works | Find a House Sitter | TrustedHousesitters.com

I am a sitter myself and can attest that the platform is an authentic way to find wonderful sitters to care for your pets and your home. I am sure that other members will reach out as well and reassure you.

If you have any more questions then please do not hesitate to let us know.

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Yes, that’s correct. There are plenty of people who will watch your house, plants, and animals for free in exchange for a good place to stay and kindness.


We joined last year as had a couple of holidays where we couldn’t take our cat. We have had the pleasure of hosting 2 great sitters, and peace of mind!
It’s legit…:wink::smile:


Thank you. I’m gonna do it!


Thank you. I’m gonna do it!


Welcome Sanchez! Excellent. I just joined, and it does feel a little wild, but once you start connecting, learning the ins and outs, and how best to present your profile and have your first mutually beneficial exchange it is simply the best the world can be.

I am a new Sitter, and finding it very satisfying to be learning so much on this Forum, and to have the chance to be of service, and have the opportunity to enjoy new places, and love animals, which I do everywhere I go anyway!
No dog or cat escapes my cuddles, unless they prefer to. My love for animals is an invitation not a steam roller.

All the best wishes on your new adventure here, Sanchez,

I love how quickly your question was affirmed here, and trust me, that is usual, so ask anything you need help with. It is astonishing.

Claire + Tarkina, my assistance dog


Thank you so much for the review! I’ve joined. I’ve created my profile. I’ve published. Oh and I have seven other friends with pets waiting to see how this works for me. Come on sitters. I’m ready.

I really, really appreciate the feedback.


Yes @Sanchez this is absolutely correct. During the first three years of my membership we had 20+ sitters stay in our home with our beloved Sassy. Sadly, she passed 11/21. We are now pet sitters and love it! You just can’t go wrong!


Ugh. So sorry for your loss! It is so painful. Thank you for the feedback. I’ve joined and now live and published. Now I’m waiting on people to love my pups as much as you do!


Welcome, @Sanchez! How has your TH experience been so far?

Also, if you add your PP listing to your forum profile, then others can give feedback on making it as awesome as possible. Instructions are here: