Imitation is the greatest compliment?

I might be spending too much time doom scrolling on here at the moment (in fact I definitely am) but I just came across a post in a thread I stopped paying attention to over a week ago (or had been trying to) which looks like someone just put my earlier post from 11 days ago through ChatGPT to reword it slightly. Do people do that? Has anyone else come across that happening? And why would anyone do that?! Either that or this other poster is my forum doppelgaenger, and we are so much on the same wavelength that it’s almost scary…

No answer to your question but love your “doom scrolling” terminology. It definitely is like that lately! :joy::rofl:

Can’t see why anyone would bother. Plus, if someone wanted to steal your thoughts, why would it be necessary to use ChatGPT? It’s easy enough to tweak someone’s copy — even school kids have done that for generations when doing papers and other homework, taking info from various sources and passing it off as their own.

Generally, on the forum, I’ve seen comments from like-minded folks. For many threads, there’s not much that many of us couldn’t have thought of. And typically viewpoints aren’t that divergent.

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I don’t disagree but the similarity of the sentences is kind of striking. Sure they may not have used ChatGPT but when I’ve played with AI to rewrite stuff these would be the kind of tweaks I would expect. Anyway, I think it’s pretty funny…

Striking indeed

It looks like they asked ChatGPT for a rewrite of your text: “Can you make it sound more corporate?”

@B1anca How weird ?
Maybe this member is actually AI and not a human ?
Have they made other comments on other threads ?

This account had some other responses. All three days ago.

Yes, a few other posts all on the same day including a couple of comments on bots (pretty self aware if it is AI) and at least one other post which is someone else’s earlier post rewritten. So strange.

Did you have ChatGPT check your spelling? Did the other member do the same? Perhaps ChatGPT is not very creative after all and, if not prompted otherwise, writes similarly, using the pool of accessible words. Same, same but different :wink:

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@Carla - This profile needs looking at

Here is another one

Post from ‘dodgy member’

Original Post

No I didn’t, all typos are my own :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

Thanks for making us aware of this - the team are looking into the situation.

We’re keen to give the member the benefit of the doubt on this so I’ve reached out to them, and we’ll go from there.

In the meantime, if you see any other examples of someone’s post being reworded like this, please flag it to the team.

Thank you!


I have no idea what you’re talking about….must be my age! :flushed:

@Smiley you’re not on your lonesome :joy::rofl: Lately I’m feeling if I’m not from the USA, computer literate, or a digital nomad or don’t tele commute, don’t come from a background in high level corporate, don’t own my own home (or two), I just don’t belong here! Maybe need to set up a page for we minor members :rofl::joy:

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@B1anca when I first read the post you have highlighted, I wondered if it had been written using AI. I think it was the use of “multifaceted issue” that made me wonder. I had not noticed the very striking similarity to your post though.

Maybe some company is trying to train a new model for ChatGPT or some other form of AI. A theoretical example of why that might be worth pursuing: Say if you’re a competitor and want to populate a forum from scratch, maybe you scrape an existing forum for threads and leverage its success to get the ball rolling — create a bunch of fake forum participants and responses. But for forum functionality, the model shouldn’t sound like uptight corporate speak. If that sort of thing is happening, whoever’s doing it apparently sucks at prompting, LOL.