This cartoon about dogs made me laugh. Plus some ChatGPT

  • “Rhymes with Orange” by Hilary Price. A fellow pet lover! (About — Rhymes With Orange) Originally published Nov 11, 2018, and again on Jan 15, 2023.

What do you think of that cartoon?

I thought it was hilarious. Then I thought, “There’s more to it… Why is it so funny?”

And then: “Everyone’s talking about AI these days, like ChatGPT. But like Commander Data in Star Trek: TNG, an AI will never understand humor.”

Or will it?

Below is me chatting with ChatGPT. There was nothing in between, and no redos.

I’m still processing that whole conversation. :sweat_smile: But I had to ask it one more question:

Well played, ChatGPT. Well played.

FYI, trying ChatGPT is easy and free. More official info is here:

Then click on “Try ChatGPT,” which will take you here:


@geoff.hom this is pretty funny, but I am actually more intrigued with the ChatGBT as we have been investigating it quite a bit lately and have had conversations with our teenage grandson about the benefits/damages of having this available to students in school. I advised his next paper he has to write be to ask ChatGBT to write a particular story, then he could write his own interpretations and information about how it all works.

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Enjoyed that @geoff.hom ! You’re very clever! :wink:


I’ve been having a bit of fun with ChatGPT, too, of late. (And received a few apologies when I’ve called it on errors.) I love the description of TH, especially the last line. It’s perfect!


Interesting post, thanks! A few of my very geeky friends who blog and have YouTube channels have been posting about AI lately and it is very interesting. I have a side hustle evaluating websites and apps, and I recently spent a few weeks interacting with an AI that I cannot name. Over the weeks I saw its performance improve greatly.

Perhaps we should ask it some questions about house and petsitting!

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