In need of a traveling companion

I would like to have a Travel companion near or somewhat near my area (Saint George, Utah).
From my home I have driven to to
Oceanside, California (8hours),
Sedona, Arizona (6hours) and
Park City, Utah (4.5 hours) alone and those times are just half of a round trip!
It would be nice to split the drive and gas with another lady and also have some company.
Anyone up for that?


Hi @Pamela,

I hope you find another female travel companion here through the forum. However, If you do not I can recommend taking a look at the facebook group GirlsLoveTravel. They have separate groups for various age rages/life stages. In the past when I have been a solo female traveler I have found companions through this group. Will any of your travels be taking you to pet sits?

Kelly & the Forum Team


Thank you Kelly for your recommendation.
Yes I was thinking of a companion for Trusted House sitter sits to share the long drive and the gas and friendship.
I have done 16 hour drives RT (8 hours one way). It’s a bit much.

Why not break the trip up? 200 miles or 3 hours a day of driving time. The rest of the day can be spent researching, hiking, sightseeing, reading or simply relaxing? You can find random hosts through HostASister, Couchsurfing, or try car camping. Planet Fitness offers clean facilities including showers & massage chairs along with free parking.

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Hi Cheri
Thank you for your suggestion.
Yes I could do that and I have thought about doing it but
I would prefer not to spend money on a hotel.
I have in the last day or so found a few women who live in my town that are interested. I found them on Face Book. I will be having lunch with one of them today. I will be very choosey in who I go with as I take the security of the home owners home and pet very seriously. It will be more than just lunch for me to get to know them better.
Thanks for your help.

There’s also the option of finding a sit, on the way to the next one. Break up the travel time, by pet sitting along your route.


Yes, I’ve broken up more than a few long drives with pet sits along the way. It’s a delightful way to see new areas and meet new people and pets while getting where you need to go, if you have the time.

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Yes that is a good Idea.
Coordination won’t be easy thought.

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I’ll thing about that.


Yes that is a good Idea.

Did not know that about Planet Fitness. That’s really good to know.

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