Cheers from Ocala, FL USA

Hi there! Fresh from my 2nd sit. Hope they leave me a review. :wink:

I am in awe of the folks that make a lifestyle of this, especially globally. How do you find sit after sit (like from one right to next) to coordinate so well with your travels?

I did learn a lot on this past sit, mostly of questions I should have asked for clarification of some things. I need to make a list!

It still so weird to me to be staying in a stranger’s home; I feel I can never truly relax. What are other’s experiences?

I have tried searching on my specific questions but seem to not get relevant results?

Happy sitting !
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If you don’t get a review after a week or so then gently remind them that reviews are important to you and also to them, as you’ll no doubt be leaving them feedback.
No matter how many sits you do, something you hadn’t thought of before will likely crop up! After 50 sits I had dogs that hadn’t been spayed. I’d always assumed before they would have been spayed/neutered, but no! So that’s a question I now ask.
In answer to your question about finding sit after sit, the key is to save dates and places (I’ve a basic or standard membership so can only save 3) also have joined other platforms as I’m currently housesitting in New Zealand and Australia. I have alerts on the other platforms (like THS’ saved searches) but also check most days. It’s worked so far but, if I have a gap, I do a road trip! It’s fun and I’ve no idea when I’ll stop!
I have no trouble relaxing in a home owner’s home, but when they return it’s always strange which is why I like to leave as soon after they return as possible, although sometimes I’ve had to spend the night.


Hello @alohajo65 and welcome to the Community Forum and congratulations on just completing your second sit. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is always good to keep a list of questions so as to remember to ask prior to the sit. There will always be new things that crop up and as they do your list will certainly grow!

As @Smiley mentioned, if you don’t receive a review after a week or so then to reach out to them and explain the importance of this to them, and of course as feedback provided by you is for them. :blush: