Ingenious Things For Dogs

We came across this paw washer whilst out on a walk during a house sit. A lady we got talking to was using the ‘Dexas MudBuster’ portable dog paw washer on her dogs paws before getting them in the car. It’s such a great little gadget to keep by the front door or in the car for whenever your dog has dirty paws :paw_prints:

Just add a little water, insert your dog’s paw, then give it a few twists. The silicone bristles on the inside will gently wash away dirt and mud — no soap necessary.

Photo shown is on Amazon

Has anyone else come across any similar wonderful little gadgets or things for dogs that they have discovered during your travels or elsewhere? :dog:


I am using one of those on my current sit. The dog is very bemused.

@Twitcher how brilliant! Yes I’m sure a lot of dogs will have puzzled expressions when they first
use it :dog::sweat_smile:

I am keen to try this! Looks to be an average review of 4.4/5 on amazon

We got one of these paw cleaners for our border collie, and it freaks her out and she doesn’t like it at all. We went back to just a regular towel, which she is also not fond of, but tolerates it better than the MudBuster.