Interviewing candidates

Any advice on interviewing couples, who just want to travel and explore areas? We recently interviewed a couple, who we thought had confirmed for a longer sit- 3-weeks. Then she said it would be good to come a few days earlier to see if the cats like her… what? So if they didn’t - which would not be the case- she would cancell at the last minute? Even with insurance, this is bizarre. They also saw we had a short house sit a few months before, which they also wanted to do- we thought it could be a good match to have them do both and the cats would be familiar with them. When it came down to committing, she wrote back and said the tickets are too expensive in June/Jul but March would work- they wanted to use the opportunity to travel on to the Keys— and they would keep checking the prices on tickets for the 2nd sit. Fair enough, but tickets would be more expensive in March vs June in Florida? So… we should wait? Ridiculous. For some reason, this passive-aggressive type of behavior really bothers me.

Another lady said she was available- we asked her to accept the sit- she left to Europe to see her mom- I kept asking my husband to check with her— 4 weeks later, she decides she can’t do it. :face_with_diagonal_mouth::roll_eyes:

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I would venture that if they are not mostly interested in the pets, the house and the neighbourhood then they are probably more interested in having a place to live while visiting. If I decided to become a sitter my focus would mainly be the pets and the house to be sure I know everything important to put the owners at ease about leaving their pets and home in my care.

It could be that you’re having bad luck. Or maybe your sit isn’t appealing enough to good sitters — they have the greatest choice, because not only are they in demand among many hosts, they also get invites to do repeat sits.

You mentioned on another thread that you want sitters to stay at home a lot with your pets. The good sitters might’ve self-selected out, because rarely do they just need housing.

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@Florida Could you explain what you mean by this please? Was it a confirmed sit or not ? When did you “interview” them before or after confirming them as sitters ? Just trying to understand the timeline as it’s not clear to me.

Typically as sitters we like to chat to HOs before confirming a sit so that we can discuss the finer details and anything not mentioned in the listing. It’s not a confirmed sit until the sitter has clicked accept . It then appears on both members dashboards.