Every once in a while, I’ll get several invitations within a short, say 24 hour, period. I would love to know why this happens. Are sitters “featured” somewhere? Why are the invitations clustered like this?

@Cathiejob, first of all, let we welcome you to the forum where you will find many great folks who are ready to assist you with questions or concerns along the way. You asked a great question and as far as I know there is no reason why they would all come together at once other than it just being “the luck of the draw”. I know that sometimes I will get a couple the same day and then not any more for a few days, then one or so a week.

Maybe someone else has a different answer.

Welcome @Cathiejob . I’ve also noticed this .

My guess was that maybe sitters are shuffled around and some days we appear at the top of a search and another day we’re down the list .

Would be great to know how the search function for pet parents is actually programmed to work .

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