Inviting Sitters

Your sit is, indeed, linked. I would recommend adding photos of the sitter bedroom(s) and bathroom(s) as people want to see more of where they will be staying. I think there is a way to mark your listing as family friendly, so if you’re ok with that, I would make that update as well as mention any age limitations in your listing as families have a more difficult time finding sits so it could be very attractive. If you might be able to include use of your car, that might help. If you can’t do that perhaps mention if any of the supermarkets deliver since you don’t mention any grocery shopping being within walking distance, just being “up the road”. I would also consider updating your title. Only the first few words show in most views so maybe change it to easy family friendly dogs to start or something similar.

Once you get to within a week of the sit, if you still don’t have anyone, you can post in the last minute sit area. I would definitely reach out to people though, especially families. Good luck!


We would post a picture of all three dogs together first, they are very cute and we have traveled 10+ hours on a bus to cuddle with a Sphynx cat or a Saluki dog (both times it was worth it).

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I did reach out to a few people locally who had “saved” my listing. I either got no response, or, from one person, surprise that owners could see who “saved them”. She didn’t realize that TH did this, and honestly it did make me feel a bit awkward. Luckily, we did find someone who responded directly to our post and we are meeting them in person tomorrow! Good luck! I’m sure you will find a great housesitter.


@MichelleV , I was going to say, make sure you include a personal note with your invitation. I have received invitations without notes and it feels like I was part of a mailing list, so not something I am motivated to consider. I still reply with a personal message, as many times these HO are new and are not familiar with the etiquette.


I just got one that said, “Hey, are you available [dates]?”

A two-day sit 15 hours’ drive away.

Thanks Timmy, will do :slightly_smiling_face:

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My best one just said “Please read”

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Hi @MichelleV - your home and pets look lovely. I agree you definitely need a couple of pics of the bedroom(s) available to your sitters. Also, as you have a large house would you consider allowing a family of sitters stay? There seems to be quite a few really great sitters that travel with their children. This would be something that would stand your listing out from the majority. If you think this is something you would consider I think there is a ‘family friendly’ tag that you can add to your listing
Good luck!


Ha! Oh my.

Hi all

I am a new user and just wondered whether I now invite people from my local area or do I simply just sit back and wait for people to contact us? Our holiday is approaching really fast :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Michelle :slight_smile:

When your listing is not getting results attracting the sitter needed is it best just to message sitters on the site or message AND “Invite Sitter”? Does Inviting a Sitter close the listing from other sitters or obligate you to them? We have had a few successful THS experiences but am still confused as to the protocol on this. Thank you

Yes, you can invite sitters and your ad will still be open to all. Before you invite them check their availability calendar (if it’s been updated that is) otherwise it might be a waste of your time. It’s also nice to personalise the invitations rather than just sending a general one to all headed ‘Dear sitter’, which will take longer but might make a difference.
Good luck!

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You can definitely invite sitters without it closing your listing as you are inviting them to apply, not confirming them as sitters. :slight_smile:

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Just remember that a large % of sitters only sit during holidays. So maybe only available for a few weeks a year. There are a lot of full time sitters, and a lot of Forum members are, but they tend to book quite far in advance. If your dates are outwith your countries holiday periods then that will drastically reduce the number of sitters available, even locally. Don’t be disappointed if you get a lot of rejections. THS is a world wide organisation, and I am sure that someone somewhere will want to sit for you.


New owner here and wondering…is it best to wait for sitters to apply OR best to just go ahead reach out and invite specific sitters found by searching?

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Hello @Martha2Dogs2Cats … I’ve moved your question to this similar thread started recently where you’ll hopefully get more helpful feedback from our members. All the best, Vanessa and the team

Hi @Martha2Dogs2Cats

I would say at first sit back and wait for sitters to apply. This is because sitters looking will be actively looking and so are likely to find you if your listing meets their criteria, location/pets/length of stay etc. You have a far higher chance of securing a sitter this way.

If, after a week or so you have had no applications then it may be a good idea to be more pro active and start to send out some private invites. Ideally to sitters that have 'liked’saved/loved your listing in the past or you could also do a search of local sitters that you feel may be a good fit for you. Some of these may not be actively looking at the moment but an invite from you might be enough to get their interest.

It is also a good idea to add your listing to your forum profile so that sitters on this forum can take a look, and maybe even offer advice on how you could improve it if necessary . details of how to do this are on the link below.

Good Luck


Thank you, Colin! Sitting tight then for a bit.:blush:

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:grimacing: makes you wonder what are people thinking?

@MichelleV welcome to the forum. You might want to take a look at Angela’s top 10 tips & tricks on how to be successful with your listing(s). I see you’ve also had some great feedback from forum members. Hopefully, if you follow the suggestions, you’ll hear from some great applicants.

Please don’t reject those who have no reviews as we all had to start somewhere. If their profile looks good to you, and perhaps you chat with them and feel comfortable, then go for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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