Is the Sit in a Rental or Condo (Strata)?

Hi. Just something you might want to think about when you’re talking with pet owners about a potential sit.

If the home is rented, not owned, by the pet owner, or is a condo (strata), you might want to ask if there are any restrictions in the rental or homeowners’ agreement about guests staying more than “x” days. I’ve lived in an apartment where they specified no guest stays over 4 days without prior landlord approval. If I were a pet owner I might easily forget about that when looking for a pet sitter.

I would hate for a sitter to be kicked out while the pet owners are away, but it could happen.

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I live in Ontario Canada in a condominium complex. I encourage every sitter who takes on a sit in a condominium/strata or one where there is a homeowners association - in any country in the world - to ask for a copy of the rules. For example, in the complex where I live there are strict rules against smoking/growing/vaping (of anything), with specific exceptions for medical purposes.

When I do a sit, I routinely ask for a copy of such rules when in similar homes. I have yet to receive one, as each homeowner says ‘oh, just be a reasonable neighbour’. I then ask some specifics that come to mind, given the location.

Homeowners - please make those rules available to your sitters, for everyone’s sake. We need to know rules to be able to comply.


Hello fellow Canadian :slight_smile: ! Honestly, I wouldn’t go to the extent of asking a copy but would surely discuss about the rules. Just telling them that I wouldn’t want to take the risk to be kicked out of the condo with or without :scream: their furry friend. I am sure they would check or ask to make sure. I would leave it up to them.
I live in a condo complex for 50 + with some rules ( ex: no dogs over 15 pounds, no rental like Airbnb) but we are allowed to have some guests with bigger dogs, children etc, as long as they do not disturb the neighbors. So, if I know that my German Sheppard guest’s dog is a barker, for instance, I would not invite them. Just a point a view, here.

This has been a good conversation. Thanks @Snowbird and @Brigitte for giving us all something to think about.