Paying a security deposit to sit

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using THS for several years and really love it, especially when it functions as I believe it’s supposed to - as a reliable and friendly exchange of services in good faith. I know we all have different opinions about whether or not sitters should be asked to pay utility bills or expected to leave “thank you” gifts, but what are your thoughts on being asked to place a security deposit before a sit? I just saw a listing that requires sitters pay utilities, provide external references, and pay a security deposit… it just doesn’t sit well with me and I’m wondering what everyone else thinks.
And yes, there are a couple of pets to look after, so it doesn’t look like a house-sit only situation.

I’d be giving this sit a miss @CanadianSitter! It really isn’t embracing the ‘trusted’ part of TrustedHousesitters at all.


Hi @CanadianSitter could you please Direct Message me the link to the sit or details of location and dates … thank you

Hi Angela - just sent it. :slight_smile:

I just scroll on past the sits that ask me to pay anything! I am caring for their house and/or their pets, that should be more than enough!


I saw that sit too, it’s a 5 month sit so I didn’t think the ask was excessive, at least the utility bills. They already have 8-11 applicants so it’s attractive to some I suppose.

NEVER NEVER NEVER We have been housesitting for 7 years and the only time we were asked to pay a deposit we paid it and ended up in court trying to get it back.
We will never apply for or housesit for someone who asks for a deposit again!


If it’s for a five month sit I would think that asking for a contribution towards utilities may be reasonable, but I would never dream of asking for a deposit! We only ever go away for 1-2 weeks max so I never ask for any contributions at all…