Is there a delay in delivery of messages between owner and sitter?

Good evening,

I have been corresponding with a owner. Today 12/20/22 I received a email at 3PM PST and promptly replied. My reply shows the date 12/21/22 and I sent it roughly 3:30PM PST.
Would anyone know if there is a time/date delay in the delivery of messages? Messages that were sent and received 24 hrs ago show 17 hrs ago.

Thank you for your help

Hello, I believe it shows as being sent on December 21 because it’s based on GMT.
That’s what I seem to have understood while sending mine.

Hi @scubafish
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As @Peonie19 mentions, the website is based on GMT, so this will reflect on messages sent. The message is sent immediately, so there is absolutely no delay in it being received.
The time indicator may be a bit confusing because of the GMT indicator.
I hope this helps.

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Hi @Peonie19 and Theresa,
That explains it!
Thank you for your help:)