"Your Sitter Arrives in Two Days! 📆"

An email with this subject header has just been sent to me by TrustedHousesitters. It’s incorrect information.

My sitter arrives tomorrow, so I didn’t much appreciate the heart attack moment of terror that this email brought into my life.

Perhaps someone on the tech side could take a look at why wrongly timed emails are being sent out?

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Hey @Pips I got email prompts too but did not really note the dates as I knew the dates set were correct.

Would you consider contacting MS to ask this question? And then let us know the result?

I wonder if it is a time zone issue?


Hi @Pips

Sorry for any panic that might have caused!

As @HelloOutThere mentioned, could you contact Membership Services to ask the question? Feel free to report back here once you’ve done so.

If you contact Membership Services and you don’t get the help you need, let us know and we can get the team to review things.

Jenny :slight_smile:

I’d honestly rather not email member services, or hear their reasons why this has happened, I just wanted to flag it up as something that’s broken!

@Pips thanks for replying.

I get your frustration.

It’s just that I have come to understand that the forum moderators are not the trouble shooting role I thought they were for certain technical issues that come up and that the THS “team” doesn’t directly monitor the forum as once they may have.

I think mods only really get involved once MS seems to be dropping the ball, if you will.

A few times recently members have mentioned that the more we contact MS with “issues” that may have more of an impact and a better use of our time on the forum.

All good…

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Spot on as always @HelloOutThere - thank you!

The Forum team is here to manage the Forum, connect with its members, give everyone a space to discuss all things THS and ensure things are running smoothly. We help with things like sharing feedback and can pass things on to the team where there are issues with MS, but it’s always best to try MS directly in the first instance. Without wanting to get too off-topic, we’ll be sharing more about the Forum team and how it works over the coming months! :slight_smile:

@Pips I ran this past the team and they’ve asked if you’d be open to them contacting you to get some more information to help them understand what’s going on - if you’re open to that could you let me know please? When it comes to troubleshooting it’ll help them know more if they can get the detail straight from you.

Jenny :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jenny. Happy to help, if they want to add a couple of extra months to my membership. :wink:Otherwise, I’m on holiday and very much logging off!

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