Your sit starts in 2 days

I have a local sit that starts tomorrow and this afternoon I received an email message from THS saying “your sit starts in 2 days”! I second guessed myself and wondered if I had made a mistake but pride myself on my memory and had the date in my calendar. I looked back on the last text from the homeowner who had confirmed the date and time which is tomorrow. Is this another “bothersome bot” problem? First off, I don’t want to be reminded of the date and I definitely don’t want to be reminded if the bot is sending the wrong date :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s generated in the UK where it’s ‘tomorrow’ already.

Double check your sit dates in the THS app to confirm the start date is correct and aligns with what you and the HO agreed upon. I once had a sit in which the HO entered the incorrect dates on the sit listing. Luckily I was available to start the sit a day earlier.

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That was my first thought as I’m in Canada but I received this email at noon today so the UK is eight hours ahead so that didn’t align.

I’d already done that but thanks.

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Yes, we get those all of the time, it must make pet owners freak out thinking they haven’t got cover, and everytime it makes me check our dates, even though I know it’s a fault with THS.

If THS can’t fix it, it would be much better if they just didn’t send a reminder at all, instead of making everyone panic, and then attaching a negative thought to their system.


To avoid such nonsense messages, of course, as on any other serious platform, especially one with international members, there should be a setting specifying a member’s default country/timezone. It appears THS is too busy ‘improving’ functionality in other areas to bother with such details.


It would look a lot more professional if they simply reworded the emails to include the sit start date instead of “tomorrow” or “in 2 days”. A really simple fix that would make them look so much better and avoid a lot of confusion.


A sitter might currently be based in a time zone that is different from the time zone stated on their profile, and different again from the time zone of their upcoming sit. In that scenario it would be pretty difficult for THS to ensure they get the timing right, so perhaps it would be better to just not receive that message at all, rather than receive an ambiguous message that throws everyone into a state of panic!

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Yes I get these out of sync messages from ths too. Think they need to adjust the message so it has the right day or mention a date instead.

A similar issue is THS helpfully sending reminders that “your international sit starts in 4 days and have you
got your passport” etc. Now, if my passsport had expired, reminding me 4 days before the sit is going to do me absolutely no good. Either send the reminder at least a month ahead of time or don’t send it at all. Sheesh…


I always get this but don’t worry about it. Trust that you have the right date to start your sit and ignore the THS email.

I think it would be better not to get these messages and THS gets on with improving the tech. We can but hope!

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I’ve just received an email saying my sit ends in 2 days. My sit ends tomorrow! Again, I just ignore it

You read my mind @Smiley. If you can’t get it right don’t do it at all.


100% this @Myhnabird - we reported how unhelpful that one was this time last year as it rolled in 2 days before we set off to remote Thailand… : :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:.#andsigh

@Myhnabird I know, I laugh when I get the international sit emails since they are way too late to be of any use. If someone didn’t already have a valid passport, they wouldn’t be able to get one a few days before their sit.

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This also recently happened to my sit too! I am in the USA, east coast. It gave the 2 day reminder only the day prior. Dates were accurate on my end and with the listed sit. So it’s off for sure.

…and it would be helpful to be reminded to check that not only is your passport still valid, but to make sure it has enough time remaining on it to satisfy the rules of wherever you’re travelling to. I’ve been caught out with that before. It involved a trip to London, great expense to get a new passport issued at speed, and an emergency fringe cut so that my hair matched the photos!

Well yes - but not 4 days before your sit starts!