Your sit starts in 2 days

@Becca I don’t think its the responsibility of THS to remind you to check passport validity and visa requirements! & certainly you should not rely on them to do so especially since they will only remind you 4 days before!!:roll_eyes::joy:

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There is a previous thread about this and has been known problem since at least Feb 24 .

It happens to us even when sit is in our home country so nothing to do with time zones .

It was reported to THS in February and I reported it again when it happened last week (1 May )

The response from member services was

“ Our tech team is aware of this issue, but there is no timeframe for when it will be fixed.”


We often get a THS msg about our ‘upcoming international sit’ when we are already in the country! We change our location frequently - to where we are or where we want to be so the poor THS algorythm gets confused! :rofl:


This was actually the first time I received this message not indicating the correct start date - thanks for the feedback everyone!

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Now I’m getting the message “your sit ends in two days” whereas it actually ends tomorrow :slight_smile:


I recently had this message as well, as I was about to leave for a sit (starting the next day, but arriving the evening before). I also for a moment thought…‘…what, did we confirm different dates?’, but no, THS was wrong

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