One-Day Sits

Isn’t there a rule that sits must be for at least two days? There has just been a sit posted for one day only (for tomorrow).

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I was unaware of this rule. I have seen other sits posted for a day only before now.

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Thanks for flagging this @mars. I’ve found it and passed to membership services. I wonder if the owner may have mis-listed her dates, and I’m not sure about the 1 day rule (I’ll check on that on Monday). MS will look at the sit though. Thanks again.

@Samox24 @mars - @Katie-MembershipServices has come back on the one-day rule. You are correct Mars… “the sit needs to be more than one day so that sitters benefit from the mutual exchange of accommodation for pet care.” MS are going to reach out to the owner.

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Thank you for finding this information :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought the 1-day situation meant one DAY, the sit advertised is 2 days, 1 overnight. I have done a 2 day sit, 1 overnight, locally. And there was another advertised in Scotland recently which was for a Saturday night only, which I had thought about applying for, but was too late. A 2 day/1 night local sit might appeal to some people, new members to get started.
The one I did a couple of years ago was for a HO who was travelling to her daughter’s graduation ceremony, and only needed to be away overnight.

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@Petermac , the sit I referred to above was listed as Sept 12 - Sept 12.

Ah, ok, when i checked new sits there is one for 12/13th September posted in the last hour or so. Can’t see any for 1 day.

Membership services have been in touch with the owners, so it’s been changed :slight_smile:


@mars @Samox24 yes i have seen a few with the end date the same as the start date and queried this with one HO; it turned out they had posted the dates in error and I am sure thats probably the main cause though some might just be testing the water to see who is interested before negotiating dates and lets face it some people are just disorganised or unsure around possible covid restrictions so are just anxious and not sure what to do.

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Hi there, if we had to go away even for just 2 days I would rather have a sitter from THS come in than have to rely on finding a neighbour to look after our dogs……


@Vanessa-Admin This is a new listing that is not that clear and may need looking at? It has no pics and is asking for 31st Oct-31st Oct?


Hi Colin… thanks for that heads up. I’ve found the listing and referred it to the support team.

There’s a current last minute posting for one day only. I messaged it to you (I hope you got it. I’m new on the forum and still trying to figure things out)

Hi @Rebecca_R … just messaged you… saw that before I saw this :slight_smile: I’ve sent it over to membership services. Thanks for highlighting.

In the future, because I do see sits like this occasionally, is it better to post the listing for you here or send a message?

Just trying to figure out how this forum works :grinning:

Send a message then you can put a link (like you did) as it’s private… we don’t put links on the public posts. Thank-you :slight_smile: Don’t worry it takes a while to find your way around… but you are doing a great job by the looks of it. It’s lovely to have new contributors adding to the conversations!

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Hi @Rebecca_R
Are these sittings that you have seen and reporting just for the same day, i.e. 31st Oct to 31st Oct or are they for one night , i.e. 30th Oct/31st Oct?

Same day. I don’t see them often, but I have seen a few

here is another one in Kirkby Stephen