Sits listed for less than a day?

I occasionally see sits listed that have the same date for the beginning and ending of the sit. I’m a little confused by them. Are they typos or does the HO really want just a daytime sitter for one day? They don’t specifically talk about it in their listings.
Any ideas on what that’s all about?
Dan and Nan

They’re very rare but I did see one where someone had to go to a funeral.

They obviously haven’t been picked up by THS or are old owners just changing their dates which don’t get checked @Danandnan as there must be one night’s accommodation provided in a sit.

I’ve seen one of these in U.K. today and there’s an applicant?

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If you wouldn’t mind dropping membership services a quick email with the url so they can contact the owners to rectifiy this … This is always greatly appreciated.

As @temba mentions, there has to be at least one night’s accommodation. We do not allow daily visits on the website.