Is there a search for House Sits Without Pets?

Are there any house sits which do not include pets or perhaps just cats?

Very Occasionally there is a house sit without any pets.

I just checked and currently of the thousands of sits currently looking for sitters across the world there are
9 that have no pets.

Frequently sits with just cats are listed . I just checked for you and currently

528 cat only sits in USA and
254 cat only sits in U.K. looking for sitters .

There are also sits with just a hamster or bird to look after .

Which country / area are you looking for a house sit ?


@Silversitters Very interesting stats. I am looking for a sit in Portugal. How did you do that search? That’s a handy skill to have. Thanks so much for your quick reply.

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Sorry to say, @emmieo, but there are generally very few sits in Portugal and quite unlikely to find any sits without pets there. I think this is due to it being a safe country so little need for sitters to act as security, and also because, if it’s only to look after plants, they’ll rather ask family or neighbours to just check in once a week or so.

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On the app, once you select a country, you can click on Filter and come across this screen: there is a ‘no pets’ option to select.

On the website, add country and then this should appear

@botvot Thanks so much for your information. Much appreciated.

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@emmieo - if you search for sits in Portugal ( using @botvot method above)and then select “cats”

you will see that there is one sit currently looking for a sitter to look after 3 cats .

If those dates don’t work for you beneath that is a section “ Sit in Portugal not currently seeking a sitter “

I suggest you read through all of these and if any are of interest favourite them :heart:
then when the HO next lists some dates you will be notified and can apply .