Is there a search function to find people that want to sit in your area?

I live in Charleston, SC. I see you can search for sitters in a certain area but is there a way to search for people who may want to sit in your town or region? That would make it easier for me to find a potential good fit instead of waiting for someone to hopefully apply for dates I need them. Hopefully this question makes sense.

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No, @brownnugen , There is no way to search for sitters interested in sitting in your area. If you want to send invitations, you may have luck choosing new-ish sitters who are looking to add reviews to their profile that live within driving distance. Some sitters will take local sits but I recommend sitters that live between 1.5 to 5 hours away. Charleston is lovely. Your listing should get a fair amount of interest.


This is one of my dream search functions as a sitter. We’ve recently been sitting in London, so that’s where our location has been set to and we have received over a dozen invitations from families in the UK looking for sitters, however, there’s no way to indicate on our profile that we aren’t looking for sits in the UK anymore. (Without changing our location or writing it in our profile.)

So, no, it’s not possible, but I wish it was!


THS should set a maximum at five!

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How does one change their location?

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You can change your location by editing the About You section of your profile.

No there isn’t. I asked why not. Non members can access the forum and they would be able to contact sitter’s interested. I did point out that could happen anyway.