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Forum Community Members you asked for a direct Forum to Website link now you can go seamlessly from one to the other … if you haven’t found it already simply click on the top left TrustedHousesitters logo which will take you to back to the site.


Nice, but I thought the request had been to have a forum tab on the homepage. I can’t see any link on the THS webpage to the forum. Am I missing something obvious?


I think it’s great that you are reacting to suggestions on the forum, but in this case I’m not sure this was the correct solution.

Typically users click on a logo to go back to the start of the webpage they are on - in this case I would expect clicking on the logo to return me to the main start page of the forum. In fact I clicked on this logo a few times already expecting to go to the forum home - only to be taken to the THS site. I know there is a link to the “Forum home” in the black bar underneath - but this disappears as you scroll, so if you are halfway down a post you can’t quickly return to the forum start page.

I think maybe changing the logo to say “TrustedHousesitters Community” to help those users who may be confused at the two sites being different. But then adding a link in the black bar to “TrustedHousesitters main site” would be a better solution in my opinion.


Thank you and signposting on the main website is in progress @Snowbird

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Thank you for the feedback @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies we’ll pass on to the product team who are looking at all of the signposting options between the site and the forum.

It’s always interesting and helpful to get differing views as some members had suggested the logo return the user to the website as being the most “obvious route” …

Thank you again.

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I agree with the comments from @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies. For the past few days I have been wondering why I was being ‘redirected’ to the THS site when I clicked on the logo, when I usually want to go to the next item on the forum ‘latest’.

I rarely have a time where, based on what I’m reading in the forum, I want to then go to the THS site.

There are times where, when I’m reading the chain of a post, I’d like to easily go to the initial post that started the discussion. If something for that could be incorporated, I’d find that useful. Otherwise I’ll continue to just scroll up :slightly_smiling_face:



We agree 100% with @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies and @Snowbird. Standard website UI is that the logo takes you back to the home page of the site you are on, not a different one. Even knowing that this change has been made, we’ve clicked on the logo to go back to the forum home page multiple times only to be re-directed to the THS website. It’s very frustrating.

Similar to Snowbird, we rarely have a need to navigate between the two platforms, however, every single time we read a post in the forum, rather than take extra clicks or scrolls, we use the logo to go back to the forum home page.

It seems that a more UX friendly solution would be to keep within website standards and add a link in the navigational menu and footer to be taken to the THS site instead.


Seems strange, quoting myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ve today discovered, by accident, that if I click on the title of the post (not the THS logo), I’m returned to the start of the post. Really useful, given some threads are extensive. However, if I double click on the title, it annoyingly takes me to the THS homepage, similar to clicking the logo. I’m learning new things here every day. :thinking:


Interesting @Snowbird, we hadn’t noticed that previously. If you hover over the THS logo, you can see that the URL associated with it is the THS site. But when in a thread/post, the title is indeed linked to the top of the thread. Very different from standard user interface, and not sure we’ll get used to that.

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Still cannot get used to this! If I had a penny for the amount of times I click on the logo and get taken to the THS main site I’d be able to get another years membership!

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Anyone can provide direction please how to best invite and share the forum?
I have an interested party in addition I would like to add it to my website.
Thank you.

@Amparo The easiest way is to share this link which you can also attach as a link to text or images on your website:

That’s how I’ve done it :slight_smile:

p.s. if you only want to invite then there’s an option for that in your icon drop down in the forum (go to user icon then to the ‘head and shoulders’ symbol. Then +invite on the right.
TBH it’s easier to just share the link:)

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Excellent. Yes that works. Just wasn’t sure which URL to use.
Merci Madame

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