Link back from Forum to

There’s a link to get from TO the Forum, but could you please direct me how to get back to the main site? I am sure I am just missing it since it seems obvious there would be a link…


Hi @AmyNJoe welcome to the forum! If you would like to navigate back to the main THS site just click the white THS logo in the upper left hand corner :slight_smile: I circled it in red in the screenshot below.

Here is a helpful guide with more info about the forum.

How to use our Community Forum |

We are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to message us with any questions or concerns.

Also, can I just ask how you came upon the forum and decided to join? I am always curious as to what drives someone to a certain site.

Have a great day!

Thanks! Not intuitive.

Wouldn’t it make it easier for members if it were the first item to the left in the black navigation bar (with Forum Home, Members, About). Could say “Website Home” or “THS Homepage” OR “THS. com”.

@AmyNJoe I can definitely inform the team about your recommendation regarding adding a link to the navigation bar. Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: