Return to main site option

Just a small observation but one that I think needs changing.

I think when you click on the TrustedHousesitters logo in the top left corner, it should take you to the main website.

Hi @Goodboyjakey welcome to our community forum and thank you for the great feedback …

Angela and the Team

I would like an option to return to the main THS site as well, although I’ve gotten used to that particular icon link taking me to the main forum page. Maybe a separate link to the main THS site?

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Agree totally. Would be great to be able to click a link to main site

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Would also be good to have a separate App for The Forum

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I’ll say no to another app :roll_eyes:. Can we keep life simple please.


I’d be up for an app so long as the web version is still available. I like both. Most of the time I’m on my laptop, but it’s nice to have an app if I wanted to access the forum when I’m out and about and only have my phone.