Can you access the community forum on the app?

I can’t find a way to get the forum via the app? Any advice please?


Hi there… the forum is separate to the TrustedHousesitters website so you can’t access it via the sitter/owner app (if that’s what you mean?). I’ll check with the team today, but the way I access it on my phone is: go to on my phone (or tablet), login in and then “bookmark”, “save” or “shortcut it” to the homescreen. It might vary depending on the phone make and software version. If I discover anything else I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


Just some feedback from someone who enjoys the forum but usually accesses it through my mobile device (especially on sits). I would use it more frequently and be more engaged if I could access it from the app instead of intentionally going there separately. In fact, if there was a way to have a widget that shares some of the conversation on our dashboard I am certain your engagement rates would go up.

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Thank you Dawn for you great comments about the forum and how you are enjoying it, that is what we want for all of our members to create a safe space where we can all connect. Also we are exploring ways of making the Forum far more accessible and user friendly so that everyone can easily access the great conversations and activities happening 24/7

Your feedback is so appreciated and noted!

Thanks Vanessa
I was trying to access it through the app but now I understand I have to go on the website
No problem


Until they make a forum-specific app, Yyou can always access it through a browser on your device. At least you can on an iPhone. Just open safari, go to the forum site, and log in.

Hi @Dawn and @Crazydoglady, I really enjoy the forum as well but prefer to use an app on my phone and it’s totally possible without the TH app!

This forum is built on Discourse so you can use it in the Discourse Hub app, along with any other Discourse forums you are part of. If you use an iPhone you can download it from the Apple store here and connect

It’s pretty much the same user experience but saves you from having to type the URL into your mobile browser. You can also allow push notifications for the app in your phone settings. Hope that helps!


Great advice @Lindsay thank you for sharing and helping @Dawn & @Crazydoglady get connected on their devices.

Have a great weekend