January 2024 Forum Round Up!

We’re kicking 2024 off with a (pet-friendly) BANG and getting ready for an exciting year of pets and travel. It’s business as usual on the Community Forum as members arrange meet-ups, share photos, and get their teeth into some lively debates. Along with all this, the “new year, new me” chat takes center stage…

Topic of the month

Everyone around us is setting resolutions for the new year, so it’s only fitting that our Forum members are jumping on the bucket list bandwagon too - this time, to discuss some of their 2024 house sitting goals.

@Maggie8k’s fabulous thread saw members like @Globetrotter share dreams of returning to their hometowns, while @Silversitters were already planning their travels around great walking routes. @Samox24 had a more specific request, saying,

“Hubby and I would love to look after a Belgian Malinois and we don’t mind where in the world it is!”.

We love to see it!

The new year isn’t just for setting goals; it’s also a time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished the previous year. @Maggie8k also shared her house sitting adventures from 2023, which inspired Forum members to share their own reviews of the year.

Not only were we thrilled to learn about the countless nights our members spent house sitting and the numerous pets they cared for, but also about the more unique experiences they had. We feel like there should be a song about the number of eggs collected, tomatoes picked, and nosy *neigh-*bors encountered (shoutout to @Silversitters’ visitor!).

Category of the month

We always love seeing what’s going on in the Meet-ups & Travel category, with locations like NYC, Bangkok, and the UK popping off!

One of our most popular threads in this category was Recommendations for Glasgow and Edinburgh, which has run from November through to January. Edinburgh Castle was top of many lists, but members also suggested visiting the Royal Yacht Brittania, walking up Arthurs Seat, and trying some of the local delicacies, among other things (foodie recs include deep-fried mars bars, haggis, and iron brew flavored jelly babies). Best of all? You can hop on a train and travel between the two Scottish cities in just 1.5 hours.

And with so many expert tips, Edinburgh and Glasgow were promptly added to our 2024 house sitting goals - Scotland, here we come!

Forum member of the month

This time the spotlight shines on @Cuttlefish, a house sitting duo who love sharing their adventures, guiding members to get help, and simply making people smile!

When @mars said, “I LOVE your hashtags!”, @Cuttlefish replied, "#everyonesawinner #heretopleasemyfriend" - naturally.

Quote of the month

The fabulous @Cuttlefish is like the gift that keeps on giving! We loved their reply to a thread about good and bad house sitting experiences, and we think it perfectly sums up what it’s all about:

“Without fail ours have all been one or more of the following - enjoyable, enlightening, funny, fulfilling, adventurous, convenient and new! Quite a few we wouldn’t repeat but that’s mostly because house sitting is a way for us to travel so new destinations appeal more. We have zero regrets #longmayitcontinue

There’s always time for a hashtag with @Cuttlefish!

Photos of the month

January is the month for hibernation after the festive season, and our furry friends seem to agree! Here’s a collection of snoozing snouts…

“A sleeping and snoring Maisy on my current sit!” - @richten1

“The lovely Indie, 17 weeks old loves her big brother Rohan.” - @Suemog

Our own @Therese was in Amsterdam with more cat snoozes.

It’s EXHAUSTING being so cute!

Check out the full blog post here to see what else has been happening on the forum!

Also we wanted to share a quick TrustedTimes update about our Brand Refresh winners

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the forum in January we look forward to everything you share in February!


Really enjoyed reading this! Shortly after I posted that my 2024 goal was to obtain a house sit in my hometown of Dublin, we were invited back this coming Summer by the homeowners we had sat for twice before. Sadly, we had to decline as my husband has some health issues preventing us from travelling out of the country till May. We’ve remained in touch for the last seven years so I’m sure there will be another opportunity. The upside to this is that we haven’t seen any of our own country of Canada and have accepted a lovely sounding sit with adorable dogs in the Maritimes which we look forward to! When one door closes, another opens!


Thank you for your lovely comment @Globetrotter and for updating us on your 2024 goal post. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s health issues and hope everything gets sorted soon :hugs:
Canada is on my bucket list, so I am so excited you get to explore more of your home country. Keep us posted about your adventures in Canada here on the forum and any photos are always appreciated! :canada:

Thanks Carla - will do! Hopefully you will be able to cross Canada off your bucket list soon!

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