Join local lost and found pet Facebook page

Another lesson learned today. As soon as you start your sit join the local lost-and-found pet page on Facebook. Here in New Zealand it was Furry Friends. The reason to join immediately is that if you need to post a lost pet you have to wait for an admin to approve your membership and waiting is way stressful. After walking my charges on the beach for 10 days today they took off down one of the walkways. I had no shoes on and could not keep up. The best I could do was tell everyone I met to look out for them. Fortunately they were found an hour later by someone I talked to as I searched everywhere. Still waiting for approval on Facebook page but will join even though I only have 3 days left. I also called the owner immediately since his number is on their tags.


Hi @mam1996t … wow. How nerve racking…glad that worked out.

After 10 days…do you think this was a fluke? Or something future sitters should know with a gentle mention in the review?

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I will talk it over with the HO. I believe he will tell the next sitters not to let the little instigator off the leash. He is a very responsible owner whom I have gotten to know quite well. I have also given him the Facebook info and he is going to join the group just in case. Thankfully it is a small beach community with little traffic and very helpful people.


This is a great tip @mam1996t - I’m so glad your charge was found relatively quickly! It’s great that you could lean on the local community for support as it must have been worrying for you.