Just for laughs!


This has been so true for us! We started off saying Zorro wouldn’t be allowed on the sofa or bed…here he is four years later on his “throne.”


Hahaha I love Zorro and his throne!

I also love cuddling my pup. I can’t imagine my sofa or bed without him!


Thank you for making my day Geoff … The expression on the “outdoor” dog’s face sitting on the sofa is just adorable, how can a mere mortal resist?

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@Angela-HeadOfCommunity love this! :joy:

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@Colin This is so funny. The end part on the sofa is the best ‘this is an outside dog’ ‘off you go’ lol :rofl: :rofl:

I am also guilty of the no sofa rule going out of the window… :rofl: :dog:


haha just watched this film of Day 1 of owning a dog, today on FB love the

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Ah yes…just like my husband said our baby would not be allowed to sleep on the bed. Not only did she sleep on the bed, but also between us, on top of us, and even under the covers when she was cold.