Pet Friendly Sofas?

Hi Community,

I was hoping I could get some all too important info from those of you that may have experience/knowledge with what sofa brands are “pet friendly.”

We’re currently in the market for a new sectional as our current one is wayyyy past it’s prime. We have a young toddler and a fairly naughty springer that sometimes counter surfs when no one is looking…those treats typically come back to the sofa.

I’ve heard good things about LoveSac…but would really love to hear from other owners and sitters on any sofa brands they thought held up to a lot of wear and tear but are also very comfortable?

I’ve read a lot of listicals on this topic online but I’m looking for some real world insight if possible :sweat_smile:

battling for best snuggle on our current sofa


Hi @Kelly-Moderator Sorry I have no idea on the sofa but that is such an adorable photo! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Kelly-Moderator , That picture is adorable!

My first sit had a LoveSac that their dog loved to sit on. I would check their literature to see if their fabric can stand up to liquid and stains. Sunbrella is an indoor-outdoor pet- and child-resistant fabric you can have your sofa covered with. I have it on one of our sofas and on our dining room chairs. It can feel a little rougher than some other fabrics but I had it on the sofa for 10 years before changing the slipcovers and never heard any complaints. It’s fine for covering chairs.

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I make all sofas “pet friendly,” by giving my dog her own sheepskin. My last Air BnB reviewing Host made me cry a few tears he was so kind and complementary on how clean we are, and it is because I always have her sheepskin to contain her in a furry, cozy, wam and wooly world of her own, hair included. We stayed a week, and the host said we were cleaner than guests with no animals.

Here she has exceeded her sheepskin, but you get the idea.


@Claireisamazing we used to have a double-size sheepskin for our son that our cat eventually took over (Our dogs didn’t get a chance to try it, as our cat ruled the roost.) Until our son got too big, it was fun watching him and the cat snuggle up on the sheepskin together!


I love that! Sheepskins make everything better. I will be traveling with a double sheepskin draped over my shoulders, like a scarf. Luckily, I am tall and of Norse heritage, so it looks natural! Ha!!! Cosy, cosy, cosy!

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Thanks @Claireisamazing for this suggestion…however, what I meant by “pet friendly” would have been more accurate if I has said “mess resistant.”

Our dog has very minimal shed and I could really care less if his hair gets on the sofa and I consider it to be “Zorro glitter.” What I am homing to find in a cozy comfortable sofa is also one that is stain resistant to a messy toddler and a naughty springer that just today got into some yogurt and decided to smear the parts he couldn’t reach with his tong on our sofa :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

I’m not sure you can put a sheepskin in the wash? and even so he and our daughter would find a way to put their mess on anything BUT the sheepskin :upside_down_face:

I also love your idea of wearing sheepskins to stay warm! I’m sure you look like a chic Norse warrior

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Some are washable, but I get your point; that pup and itty bitty person will go nowhere near the sheepskin with every sticky finger and yogurt-paw. I get it.

I have a dog that stays put on the sheepskin, so it really helps. If I learn of a sofa to serve your inquiry, I will chime in again.


Thank you! for the meantime our faux fur blanket will be doing double duty

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Leather sofa with throws or washable covers to prevent scratches. I use Teddy Bear single sheets from Dunelm over the main cushions. They’re washable and any liquid that soaks through just wipes off.


I have removable sofa covers that I can wash - love 'em. My issue is that theyre a bit nibbled due to misbehaving rabbits! But fortunately removable = replaceable [when I get round to it…], whilst the actual sofa remains.


Hi @Kelly-Moderator! It’s been a couple weeks, so I’m curious what you learned or decided?

I’m Asian, and it’s a somewhat-true stereotype that some get plastic covers for their furniture and just leave it like that forever. A friend’s parents even kept the plastic covering for their remote control: they never unwrapped it and just used the remote with the plastic still on it!

My family went the other direction: We got everything from garage sales, estate sales, Goodwill. We let the cat destroy everything, and then we’d just replace it when necessary.

Hi @Kelly-Moderator like @geoff.hom I’m also curious, did you find Zorro’s dream sit yet? I have to say in my house it would have to be daughter friendly … not granddaughter, I have white linen, the room is out of bounds …:rofl:

Came across this in case you are still “shopping” I have a friend who owns a furniture store in Bakersfield CA and she recommends leather for pet owners, not my preference but it’s wipeable.


Ah! Yes, I’m doing this :smiley: It’s to stop my small nibbly parrot eating all the buttons. I try to remember to leave it face down but occasionally forget.

@Ketch Good thinking! That did make me smile though :parrot::slightly_smiling_face:


Ah yes, I remember plastic slipcovers! :laughing:
“The beauty of the furniture shines through.” My best friend’s house had them growing up.

Like @Ketch , when I had dogs, I put ready-made universal slipcovers on the sofa and loveseat. I didn’t especially like the way they looked but, them’s the breaks when you have pets. And it’s so nice when you don’t have to keep your dog off the sofa and they can come up and snuggle with you.


We got a new sectional a few years ago, and I can’t recommend our Molly Mutt sofa covers enough!

During the height of Covid I asked if they could do a custom cover for a sectional, but they were overwhelmed with orders and weren’t able to. I hacked something with a couple couch covers and some of their pet blankets.

They have cute patterns, are made in the USA, hold up super well to washing, durable as heck and have massive sales a few times a year based on how much you spend (so 25% off 300$, or similar). Plus coordinating dog beds and crate covers!!!


I’m not Asian but I certainly had plenty of family members that kept the plastic wrap on everything, I had an aunt that had a sofa that was covered in a plastic sofa cover :rofl: so I guess some of that mentality stuck with me because I have been known to leave wrappers on things far too long.

However, we’re also similar to your family in that 90% of our furniture has been bought off Craig’s list including our current worn out sofa.

So one idea is we could get another used sofa that’s slightly more comfortable and not so worn in and then replace it in a few years after our toddler and Zorro do their damage (with a sofa cover this time.) My hang up with this option is it’s been a challenge to find a used sofa that fits our space the way we would like.


We’re also considering buying a new sofa this time and one that is known for comfort, comes with a ten+ year warranty, has stain proof fabric or has washable covers and is modular.

The top candidates right now are a few sectionals on Costco (they also have the best return policy/warranty) and LoveSac which is the only one I’ve been able to find on the market where you can wash each part of the sofa when need be. They have storage options, it’s modular and was basically designed for people like us who have pets and children and let them be pets and children (but they charge a premium for all those amenities).

We also need to consider what “fill” we want in the sofa. Do we want faux down (softer but needs to be fluffed every so often) or standard foam fill that most sofas have these days (it’s more firm, doesn’t need fluffing and is typically more durable for frequent sofa users). Anyone have advice on fill? I’m sure Zorro would vote for faux down as he’s always snuggling up on anything resembling down.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity We thought about leather too but decided to pass as our family dogs in the past have always scratched the leather beyond repair with their nails.


Beware, washing may not remove deep-seated doggie odor that permeates the cushions. I had a sectional sofa that the dogs lounged on. It didn’t look or smell dirty and when i moved it was placed in a closed room while the house was being renovated. When the renovations were completed and I was ready to move the sofa, the smell that emanated from it was shocking. Into the trash it went. That’s when I bought a nice new sofa with Sunbrella slipcovers.

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Hi @Kelly-Moderator that would be my concern too (claws on leather) I don’t know if there’s a man made scratch proof equivalent … as I say leather would not be my choice for a number of reasons, one being I’m a cold mortal, unlike our furry friends with their fur coats and like to feel “warmth” when I first sit :wink: