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@Angela-CommunityManager : Would you say that all the HO finally find a sitter after posting their assignment ? Or does it happen that some of them remains without a sitter ?


Hi @Brigitte thank you for asking the question, a very relevant one …

There are a number of variables relating to a successful sit outcome for owners, not every owner will secure a sitter but there are a number of factors involved some of which include, location, seasonality, lead in time (posting the sit) listing appearance, sitter feedback, and an owners preferences, etc etc.

Member success is always high priority, we want every member to be successful and the entire TrustedHousesitters team work incredibly hard to make that happen.

We have a very high success rate for all members but if a member is struggling to find a sitter or a sit our Membership Services team will do all they can to help them achieve success.

I hope that answers your question


@Brigitte we recently had a sit cancelled through no fault of the HO. An unexpected positive PCR test for one of the family meant they were unable to travel. As a result we’ve been applying for some very last minute sits over what is the half term holiday here in the UK.

At least one HO has told me that she has made other arrangements with neighbours and friends to cover their holiday, and there are also some sits showing 0-3 applicants with a start date this weekend where the HO hasn.t read my application. Either they have a sitter but both parties haven’t confirmed, or perhaps they also have made other arrangements and are not now checking their messages.

So it does seem that some HOs are not always successful in securing a sitter.

On the plus side, several other HOs have said they have just found a sitter, so hopefully the majority do succeed…

We hopefully have a sit lined up for next weekend, and several new HO contacts who are interested in us sitting for them in the future.


Thank you both for your answers. I know how important it is to find a THS sitter while preparing vacations, Holiday, some Time off etc. I noticed there is a Space on this forum for the Emergency situations « under 7 days ». A very good idea. That gives me One for a discussion. Stay tune. :grinning:


I do not have that information to hand @Provence I would need to speak with our data team.

We do not need to go to these détails. Let’s work instead into solutions to improve it.


Thank you @Brigitte and that is exactly what we are doing at HQ with different strategies and initiatives, to help every member be successful and achieve the very best from their membership.


We’ve been members for years, and this is the first time we’re starting to get anxious about having no applications. In the past we’ve always successfully found sitters that we were generally very happy with.

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Where are you located ? I think @Angela-CommunityManager and her team could help.

We’re between DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. We’d love any help we can get!

Hi @btinternetDC and thank you for supporting @Brigitte

This year really is different to others and I know the importance of getting your sitters confirmed, it’s a feeling of “that’s the most important thing taken care of, our pets” and when you’ve been successful earlier in the past it is a little disconcerting but you do still have time, especially as, for some there are still questions regarding making travel arrangements too early.

Have you reached out to sitters who have applied in the past and there are new sitter members joining all of the time, consider local ones who are looking to get their first sits and providing they have completed their verifications, have references, good profiles, photos, communicate well and make you feel secure in your choice then just for reference even sitters with numerous THS reviews started in the same place.

This blog piece references Thanksgiving but you could apply the same tips to Christmas sits.

Perhaps try refreshing your photos and add some “festive” ones or ones that make the best of your lovely home and kitties this article from the blog will help too

Do let us know how you get on.

@Brigitte Where can i find the space for emergency situations? I’ve loked but can’t see it. Thanks

Ooops ’ sod’s law isn’t it. The next thing I saw …

It is called « last minute sit «


Something I have wondered for a while is do home owners wanting a sitter for a night or two succeed. Personally I would not take such a short sit as too much work for a tiny timeframe. Wonder what others think?

There are other threads about this. Apparently some sitters like those sits, maybe if it bridges a gap between other sits.

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Some are local, looking for a break from home and routine, time with animals and/or building some experience.

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