Over 100 queries and no solution

Hi I recently joined in TrustedHousesitters. I have sent 100 queries and basically got no availabilities. Is it really working?

Welcome, Fabio. When I first started in spring 2019 it took me lots of applications before I got my first sit.
Advice - tell the HO something about yourself that would make you a good sitter for their animals - have you had experience with the breed or with large or small or old dogs. Tell that.
Be willing to take some less than perfect sits - it took a while before I got offers for New York or Los Angeles or other ‘high interest’ places.
Once I had completed some sits with good reviews, it got much easier. I’m on sit 31 now in 2 years.
Good luck.


Are you approaching potential sitters with a personal message? Are you posting very last minute? Do you come across as strident and/or too demanding? Have you posted enough photos of your home/sitter’s bedroom and bathroom? Does your home look cluttered and untidy or too pristine and unwelcoming? Is your profile too short with no helpful details or too long and loaded with do’s and don’ts?
It’s so easy for a sitter to claim unavailability when the sit does not appeal for whatever reason, however longer sits advertised at short notice could well mean most sitters have other sits arranged, social arrangements or even dental appointments!


I have assumed you are a HO not a sitter

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Yes I Am. (HO)

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Do you mean, as a HO you have approached sitters on an individual, private message basis? Have you looked at their calendar and their availability first? Having said that, there is a thread running currently about sitters’ apparent limited use of the calendar.

Hello @fabiomos and welcome to the TrustedHousesitters community. I’m sorry you haven’t had any success so far, but I’m sure both the team and our forum members will have some great advice to help you find a sitter soon. Because of the loosening of restrictions in the UK there’s been a high number of sits listed over the last week, so there’s a lot of choice for sitters at the moment. This might mean it takes a little longer than normal to find a sitter.

I have asked Membership Services if they can take a look at your listing tomorrow to see if there’s any advice they can give that might help you, so someone should get back to you over the next day.

In the meantime I’m attaching an article from our blog that guides our owners to create great listings. You might find a tip or two that will make an immediate difference. Good luck, and I’ll check back in with you over the weekend. All the best, Vanessa


Ah. Now I understand. Have you also made your sit public so people can see it and apply for it?

We are sitters and although we’ve been sent invitations, so far, we’ve never accepted one because they seldom fit in with our travels plans. Virtually every sit we’ve done to date was one that a HO had posted and we applied for.


So well said, Diggy. Bravo :clap:

@fabiomos Why don’t you add a link here to your post and some of us can at least give you our opinion on its content? We really are a friendly helpful bunch overall. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only suggestion I have is to possibly edit the last section. 'Sitters should take note of the forecast and pup out during cooler times of the day as to prevent overheating :+1:

Hi just read your advert.
A few simple things that make it more appealing
Pictures with the bed made - silly but it makes it less clinical. Your pictures are rather unclear.
Mention you are in central London, nearest tube station, near attractions. Mention leafy streets or high rise block or refurbished apartment.
Walking your dog four times a day is not arduous but mention it’s not an hour each time. That puts a lot of people off but if that’s what he is used to….
A cleaner twice a week is rather excessive. We are mostly an independent bunch and like to do our own thing.

I’m amazed your having problems because London is such a hot spot for sits.


Your last sentence may be putting sitters off as it reads as if there are a lot more responsibilities that you are not disclosing yet

“other requirements will be provided at the right time.”

Other than that it looks like a great sit and I am suprised you are getting no interest? How long has your lisiting been on the site? it says ‘new’ so I am thinking have you been approaching local sitters randomly before publishing your listing for all to see? I’m sure you will now get plenty of interest

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Your pup is adorable and apartment looks very nice and tidy. You do mention having a security camera. Is it outside or inside? If inside, that may be an issue for many sitters, especially in a relatively small apartment where it may impact privacy. Good luck!


You’ve already received some useful suggestions. I would shift the focus of your photos, showing clear individual photos of various areas of the home, and one or two of your pet and the outside views. Also mention if there are any facilities in your building available to the sitter - gym, pool, etc., as this can be attractive to some sitters. Is there designated parking, or do they even need a vehicle? Keep in mind that although most applicants are currently more likely to be from the UK, not everyone will be familiar with the area.

You say that the apartment must be kept clean and tidy at all times and yet your photo of the living area from an upper level was not taken when it was tidy. Good sitters know to be respectful of other people’s homes, but also don’t want to feel like they have to keep it as though it’s always ready for viewing. I think you’d be better to remove that statement.

I hope all goes well for you. Enjoy your travels.


It looks like a great sit. If the views are from your apartment they are amazing! Whiskey looks a lovely pup - I have a soft spot for French Bulldogs after sitting for a trio of them. We sit as a family of 4, so I like to see how many bedrooms are available to sitters. I took a guess that this is a one bedroom apartment.

It may just be that with restrictions lifting in the UK, sitters are waiting to see what their options are before applying. I’m sure there will be some applications soon.


Ant ideas what I can do. I have spent the last 2 days trying to make my page live. I have tried another laptop, put the app on - then took it off, closed down my iPad also spoken to Samuel C on live chat. Even looked on the internet to see if TrustedHousesitters had gone out of business. I have been a member for over 4 years and had many house sitters and now I really need to get someone booked for August as the sitter cancelled yesterday. I have sent 5 emails and phoned about 10 times, always the same message that they are busy and go on line. Any suggestions apart from throwing the iPad away would be gratefully accepted.

Hi Rosalan,
I can’t offer to sit but you are welcome try to message me and or send an invite to sit to see if you are functioning.
Look for Julia and Hugh in Kaiserslautern, Germany and tell me here if you send anything. I will answer if it comes through :smiley:

Hi @Rosalan. Welcome to the community, but really sorry to hear you are having problems with your account and that you’ve had a sitter cancel. I have had a quick look online and I can see your account and profile, but no live listing - I presume that’s where you are having issues? Making your listing live again? I have passed your details over to membership services and someone will get back to you by email. They are on lower staffing levels over the weekend but I will keep an eye on this for you and we’ll ensure you get sorted out so that you can relist your housesit. In the meantime can you give me a little more detail about what’s happening on your computer in case there’s any advice we can think of to give you. If you prefer, you can direct message me @Vanessa-Admin.

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Hello @Rosalan - I’ve just heard from membership services that you are all sorted now… thank you @Katie-MembershipServices for your help this morning :pray:


Thank you Julia. Don’t know why but it all came back after a few days