Keeping Dogs Cool In Soaring Temps

6 hot tips for how to keep dogs cool in summer

Did you know that dogs don’t sweat through their skin like humans? Instead, dogs cool down by panting and releasing heat through their paw pads and nose — which is understandably trickier for some breeds than others. And that’s why, as a pet parent or pet sitter, it’s vital you know how to keep dogs cool in summer.

Unfortunately, our dog’s go-to cool down tricks aren’t the most effective methods of regulating body temperature, which will explain why one in four vets reported treating up to eight cases of heat-related conditions in just one summer. So it’s up to us humans to help dogs stay safe in hot weather! Without further ado, bring on the tips!

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We had some pool time and walked at 5 am today…ran into a critter we don’t typically see 2 blocks from the High Street. :flushed:


Cool dogs … “Never regret what you did if you were happy in the moment” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: