Cool cats & dogs in 🇬🇧❤️‍🔥

The UK :uk: is hotting up so lets share pics of pets keeping cool! :sunglasses::dog2::ice_cube:
We’re just over the border in Scotland and our doggy pal has a lovely breeze wafting over her while snoozing!
Walk scheduled for later in the day, when cooler for pets and humans!


Hi @PetsSit and welcome to the Community Forum! I absolutely love your idea of posting these kinds of pics and the one you have here is great. Don’t you just want to lie down beside her and soak up that view!

Yes, the weather is so hot right now around the World. It is that time of the year, and you bring up a great point about waiting until it’s cooler in the day for those walks. Here is a link to a topic on the very subject

Let’s all remember that our furry friends don’t wear tennis shoes to protect their paws from the heat.

Thanks for the great post and have a great time!

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Five second check worked, water and snacks, and we were able to stay in the shade and get out for a brief walk.


We’re not in the UK, but it’s also hot in the Swiss Alps! :switzerland::mountain_snow:

A short hike very early in the morning and another one after dinner keep us out of the midday sun. Our companion, a Swiss Mountain Dog, knows how to stay cool and have a drink at the same time! :grin:


We’re in London and I put a few supplies in to keep our charge, Kaibo, cool. Yesterday Kaibo was panting so I put a cooling shirt on him. Within a minute he stopped

panting and covered my hands and face with doggy kisses. The dog bed is also filled with water and a water absorbent so its cooler. We’re being very careful to choose the coolest walking time as the internet tells me that golden labs are on the list of breeds particularly susceptible to heat exhaustion. Can’t post photos yet as I haven’t got permission from the HO.


How’s everybody doing with the heat? Accuweather says it’s 97 degrees here in Surbiton, UK in Surrey. We’re all (husband, dog, and me) in one small room that’s the coolest one in the house. It’s 81 degrees in here and Kaibo isn’t panting. He’s on his cooling bed.

We’ve noticed that Kaibo would lie in the sun in the yard and pant if it were up to him. We keep enticing him to lie on the cooling bed and wear his cooling coat. Once there he stops panting, feels cooler to the touch, and falls asleep. Walks are out of the question until late evening. Yesterday we took him out at 20:30. We have one more day of this until it turns a lot cooler

What are your experiences with the heat wave?

Love the heat born in Scotland .always said I was born in the wrong country🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

This may be a bridge too far though… but each to own…