Keeping pets safe in rising temperatures!

How will you be staying cool with your pets over the coming weekend and week?

With temperatures rising into the high 30’s (C) and low 40’s across the UK and Europe this weekend and into next week, it’s good to remember what we can do to keep not just ourselves, but our pets, comfortable and safe.

Do you know the signs of heatstroke?
What can we do to keep our pets comfortable?

Here’s a new article that provides some good all round tips from the RSPCA but we’d love to hear from you about how you plan to both yourself and the pets in your care, cool and safe!

Please add your tips and advice, especially those members who live with pets in perpetual high heat - how do you adjust your daily routines?


The RSPCA says it could be a ‘matter of life or death’ for pets.

Esme Wheeler, dog welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: ‘The hot weather has gone from glorious to extreme, and we can’t stress enough how vital it is that pet owners take the situation seriously.

‘That means limiting or skipping walks, only taking very essential car journeys, leaving water available at all times, and preparing damp, cold towels and mats, and frozen treats.

‘We’re still getting reports of dogs being left in cars, and seeing a lot of dogs being taken to busy outdoor events like festivals, shows and fetes, and to the beach.

‘Don’t be that person who is dragging their panting dog along the pavement or plodding around a garden show.

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Thanks for the info-the prediction for here in the London area is 100/38 for Tuesday. It helps that the nights are so much cooler.

@Joanne I’m slowly wilting as the temps go up each day in France… we are fortunate we have one very cool room with thick stone walls … I may be decamping to keep cool at night! Are you looking after pets next week?

We just began a 3 week sit in Clapham. They have 4 floors with a cozy tv room in the basement. We will stay down there during the heat of the day. There’s a yard, so the dog doesn’t need a walk on the hot days. This will be our first summer with no a/c, but we’ve acclimated quite well, and the fans are lovely!

That’s the area of London I grew up in… it was very different then to how it is today!! Sounds lovely and that basement a blessing for this weather hopefully!

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We’re currently on our first sit - interesting to have to deal with hot temps as well! We’ve been sticking to early morning/later evening walks and plenty of water around. Luckily there is a large garden with plenty of shady spots - and we won’t be taking them out in the heat of the day.

Use the trusted ‘hand on pavement’ test

Dogs’ paws can very easily burn on hot pavement - just as our skin can.

You must check the temperature of the pavement to ensure it’s not too hot to be walking your furry friend. Thankfully, this can be done very simply. Begin by placing the back of your hand on the pavement.

If you can hold it in this position for five seconds without burning, the pavement isn’t too hot for your dog’s paws.


It may sound strange but my cat loves when i cuddle it with ice cubes all over its body : it hates water but loved damp iced hair!

Here’s another option I just saw online :sunglasses: Watch the video as the pets are adorable. :heart_eyes:


Do fans work? I always think they just move the hot air to another part of the room.

If you have damp cloths on your body, the fans work well. Also, I prefer moving hot air to stagnant hot air.

Hello @Vanessa-ForumCMgr
Just a little comment to share my experience with Alpaca in the hot summer in Brittany !
First of all alpaca-sitting was great experience !
The thing is : we had to sun-protect the ears of the one with pale hairs ! Which was not the easiest thing to do as they were shy : but with a bit of patience and some carrots in your hand we did manage !

It has been so hot recently in France : we were in charge with 2 dogs recently when it was 40 °C (more than 100 F) : we only walked them before 9 AM in the morning and after 6 PM (sadly the park was not opened later and we didn’'t want to walk them on the pavement). Hopefully they were very happy to sleep most of the day and they had a little courtyard to go for a wee-wee.

I tried to give them ice-cube in their water but they didn’t seem to appreciate it. I also encourage them to go into the fountain (with few centimes of water depth) as other dogs did, but they didn’t want to neither…

Hopefully as you said, we were staying in a very old house, with thick wall where it was fresh (we could close the shutters too). And I was stuck home too as I had to work on my computer so they were happy to stay with me I think !


Bonjour @Françoise-et-Youn and so glad to hear you enjoyed your alpaca sit! When we did our sit last year the alpacas had a big sun-shaded area erected … I can imagine applying cream is not easy given how skittish they can be. Sounds like you got it well organized!!

It’s been so hot and dry this summer in France hasn’t it? Such a difference to the cool wet weather we had in Cote d’Or last year. I gather we are now in “crises” … although it seems odd that golf courses can continue to water at night :confused: We are using winter stored rain water to keep our veggies alive but only have enough now for about 10 days. Hope it rains soon!! Although not before we get the new roof on our renovation completed this week!! Tiles arriving today.

I think most pups are happy to sleep in the day in this heat and as long as there is water around they hydrate themselves as necessary. Walking them early is the only way I think… shame they don’t think to open the parks a little earlier to accommodate this.

Stay :cool: we’ve another hot week ahead :sun_with_face: :sunny: :sunflower:

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