Kismet at the Airport

My little dog Shula and I were invited to petsit in Ojai. I keep a list of pets I want to sit for as well as places I want to go. Sitting a Corgi, was on the list and I got to meet the sweetest one around. The owner had flown to Seattle for a Celebration of Life event for a friend.

While petsitting, I was madly trying to line up a sitter for my Ventura home in June. The sitter I had selected, canceled leaving me in a bind. One of my approaches was to reach out to local sitters who were building up their reviews. When I reached out to Maya, from Oxnard, she got back to me in a timely manner even though she was on vacation in Alaska. We had two days of spotty communication as she rode a train to Denali and back but she never missed an opportunity to try and get through. Her dedication led me to accept her as a sitter without ever having a face to face conversation.

All of a sudden I got back to back texts from Alex, the lady I’m petsitting for, then Maya, my future sitter, that their planes from Seattle were delayed for electrical reasons. I asked a couple of more questions and quickly surmised that they were on the same plane to Santa Barbara. With permission, I shared each other’s TH profile shots.

After a few awkward incorrect introductions, they found each other and sent me this great photo. What a fun coincidence showing the “community” of Trusted Housesitters. They sent me this photo from the airport.


How awesome is that! Well done for figuring it all out!


Too cool!!! And how sweet that you figured this out & they connected!