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We are coming over to the UK from Jan to May 2023 and wanting to know when and where other catch ups may be. Also interested in any info on hiking to Lands End or hiring of Narrow Boats in the UK, off peak prices. Maybe you have a friend who has one to hire.
We have applied for two sits so far and awaiting their replies.

Gayle and Christian


@trustedaussiesdownunder I have a friend that lives on and travels the country on his narrowboat. There are a few companies that charter narrowboats but none near cornwall as this part of the UK lacks canals.

Hello Gayle & Christian (AKA @trustedaussiesdownunder) and great to hear you will be in the UK next year! We will be aiming for as many meetups as possible, so I’m sure by next year there will be others to join!

I can help a little with both of your travel requests. We had the good fortune to end up for 3 months in Cornwall, by the sea for the very first UK lockdown, not far from Lands End, in a tiny village called Gunwallow, south of Helston. As the country opened up slowly in stages, we hiked different sections of the South West Coast Path until we linked up Lands End to the Helford Passage. We were blessed to be in Cornwall during glorious weather with hardly anyone else about and when we arrived at Lands End there were just a handful of people. It’s truly spectacular to hike any section of the South West Coastal Path and I’d totally recommend it.

There’s a fabulous book called The Salt Path, the true story of a couple who lost everything and hiked and camped the 630 mile route.

In terms of narrow boats, we hired a boat this March for my birthday off peak - 1st boat out of the season which was a LOT cheaper! Here’s the topic on that which also has details of the company we hired through in the thread.

Do you know where you are thinking of hiring the canal boat… or are you just at the inspiration stage?

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Gayle and Christian
My dad and I spent a week on a narrowboat on the Shropshire Union canal about 30 years ago and had a great time. But I’m sure things have changed since then. Our boat was the Michael Collins - for the life of me I couldn’t understand why the Brits would name anything after an Irish Republican. When we got to the boatyard, the other boats were the John Glenn, the Neil Armstrong – the Michael Collins wasn’t named for an Irish Republican, but for the Apollo 11 astronaut who orbited the moon while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their one small step.
I did a recent sit for a couple whose son-in-law has 2 or 3 boats. Will try to find my contact info for them and send you a private message - they might be able to refer you.
On my flight over to the UK I watched a great film - The Last Bus -
“A heart-warming tale of Tom (Timothy Spall), a pensioner whose wife, Mary (Phyllis Logan), has just passed away, who travels from Britain’s most northerly point, John O’Groats, to his original home town at its most southerly point, Land’s End, using his free bus pass. He carries with him only a small suitcase, travelling the length of the country with it. Along the way, his adventures are recorded by the people he meets and helps, and by the end of his trip he has unwittingly become a social media celebrity.”


Sounds like a great trip. Check out this website for hiking, if you will be in Scotland.
If you go to Islay, Arran or Campbeltown I am posting vidoes of the hikes we did on my youtube channel, only a few out so far but more to come.


Thank you for this info Peg. Much appreciated. Will have a look at your videos.
Gayle and Christian

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Thank you for your reply Tomi.
At this stage we are planning our trip away with many options that change daily. Obviously the time of the year will be a concern for us. Our holiday this year is Jan to May which will include pet sitting.
We are really hot weather people but chose this time to do Finland. (bucket list)
Will post again when we know more.
Gayle and Christian