Want to meet up in midcoast Maine, USA?

Hey everyone!

Would love to meet up if anyone is in the area! Connecting online is always fun, too.

My partner, Kris, and I have been self employed for many years now and have traveled extensively. We live very much “outside the box” and this is often quite isolating as most of our friends are tied down with full time jobs, kids, all the “normal” stuff.

We love coffee and had the great pleasure of acquiring a La Marzocco home machine - it is our daily pleasure. We also like taking long walks, and of course – planning our next adventure.

This year we will be in the U.K. from May 23rd through September 3rd, all made possible by TH and connecting with the most wonderful home owners.

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Hi @Katie.And.Kris

Welcome to this wonderful world, although I see you’ve done some housesitting in the past but are new to THS. I love your profile, it says all the right things and you’ll have no problem getting sits.

I hope you find people to meet up with, sitters and owners, as it’s lovely to put faces to names (or nicknames) and exchange stories and tips. A lovely way to make new friends too.

So glad you love the UK and I see you’ve got room in your calendar for more sits there. Where are you booked to go so far?

Enjoy this life!


Thank you, Sheryl! Yes, our plane tickets are booked May 24 - Sept 3. Our first sit so far starts June 1 up in Scotland, outside of Glasgow. Super excited for that! We spent a completely magical month in Edinburgh and have spent time in Aberdeen as well and absolutely love Scotland. Excited to explore a new area there.

And then the other sit will be our last one of the trip, it is in a small village in England.

We spoke to two other lovely couples whose sits would cover most of July and into early August, so that would be fab. One of them is in Kent, which is another area we are keen to explore more. We spent a weekend in a food coma in Margate and dang! I still think about some of the meals we had there.

Somewhere in there with one of the gaps we want to go to Bordeaux. My partner, Kris, has been taking french lessons for 3+ years with a woman who lives there and we’re keen to finally meet her in person as they’ve built quite a friendship. Also want to get some dental work done at some point. Initially we were thinking to go back to Krakow as we’ve had lovely experiences there, but come to find out from his french teacher that dental care in France may be a good option as well. So that would be convenient!

I read your profile and wow! Some amazing travels you’ve had! I have not been to New Zealand or Australia! Would absolutely love to use TH to spend some lengthy time over there. What have been some of your favorite experiences there? Do you find that you make friends if you are in a place for an extended stay?


Hi @Katie.And.Kris, welcome to the forum it’s lovely to have you both here. I think you may also benefit from creating a post in the meet up category to see who else might be available for your dates and location for a meet up. That category is where our members look for meet ups and is also monitored by us moderators to see if we can help to facilitate a meet up whenever possible. Sounds like you two will be having a great time in the UK this spring-summer!


Hi again
Exciting times for you!
You can’t go wrong with Scotland. I don’t know Scotland very well at all but had a fantastic sit in Longniddry, which is between Edinburgh and St Abbs, and I’ve friends in both those places. It was for 3+ weeks, I just had a cat so was able to explore most days, and was lucky with the weather. I took my bicycle and cycled a lot. I love Edinburgh and went to the Festival for the first time 4 years ago, luckily staying with my Edinburgh friend who took me around.
I was brought up in Kent, but North Kent i.e. South London, however as a child I went to Broadstairs most Easters as we had a caravan. My parents later got a static van. I scattered my dad’s ashes in the sea as it was a place he loved (although he wasn’t a great swimmer! :joy:). Margate is very trendy nowadays. All that part of Kent and up round the corner is great. Where in Kent?
I’ve made lots of friends in New Zealand, although mainly the home owners and Airbnb hosts, not really local people where I’ve been sitting. My favourite experience in the South Island was a helicopter ride over Mount Cook. I’ve done some lovely day walks with some of my canine charges, I love Wanaka - a smaller/quieter version of Queenstown, the trains ride Coast to coast (Arthur’s Pass) and a lovely seaside place called Hokitika, which I read about in ‘The Luminaries’. Unfortunately a lot of the beaches are spoilt by trees/branches that have been left by the loggers and get washed along the rivers onto the beaches - a big problem in NZ, and the sea can be very rough. The people are so very friendly, some of the friendliest in the world.
I got all my sits in the South Island through another platform: kiwihousesitters, but all the ones in the north through THS!


Hi @Katie.And.Kris. I moved your introductory post here to the Meetups category, so people looking for meetups will see it.

The sit is in Bearsted, so looks like kinda in the middle? We have friends now in Ramsgate, too. So will be nice to be close to them, relatively anyway, lol.

I can’t wait to explore NZ!!


@Katie.And.Kris Bearsted is fairly near to my parents, it’s a great location to explore on an house sit and lots of nice eateries around there too. Hope you have a fabulous time! :slightly_smiling_face:


My best friend from school lives in Bearsted, although I don’t see her very often these days.