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Hi there, we are Gayle and Christian from Australia and have been on this site since 2016… Pet sitting all around the world. When in Australia we have our own pet sitting business. We are going overseas from Jan to May 2023 and hoping to meet up with other like minded people. Anyone living in the UK, do you have contacts for hiring Canal boats with the possibility of actually looking after someone’s pet at the same time. There must be people out there that would love their pet to go on a holiday away from home. Just a thought. Looking forward to hearing from you. Our name is Trusted Aussies Downunder.


Hello @trustedaussiesdownunder and welcome to the forum, and to TrustedHousesitters. You may find this post interesting, even though it wasn’t while doing a pet sit on a canal boat.


We look forward to hearing how it all goes. Safe travels.

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Hi @trustedaussiesdownunder. Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are putting together some interesting plans for your up-coming trip. Where all will you go?

We plan to just wing it for 4 months. But would like to go to Finland and stay in an igloo, see the Northern lights, do dog sledding and see Santa’s village.
Pick up some lovely pet sits in the UK.
Do the canal boats.
Visit Bangkok to get our medical procedures done. Eg LASIK and dental work.
Chiang Mai hill tribe visit.
Home to Australia to do pet sitting for our business.
Fully booked from May 23 onwards.
We have a lovely Trusted Housesitter looking after our pooch Teddy for 4 months.
We had so many great applications that we couldn’t choose from so Teddy put his paw on the sitter he wanted!
Cheers and have a great day.
Ps. Yesterday we found out one of the beautiful dogs we looked after for 3 months in France (2016) just passed away.
RIP beautiful Mrs. Kipling.
If there is a way to post a video I’d love too as my husband and I wrote and sang a song about this wonderful pet sit.

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Your plans sound amazing!

I’m sorry to hear about beautiful Mrs. Kipling :cry:. Please do post your video. We would all love to see it. Here’s where you can put it.

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Thank you … you made me smile. I can’t begin to think what the word was that you couldn’t say …

I’m very sorry to hear about Mr Kipling, we get so attached to the pets we care for that when they pass away it’s like losing one of our own and three months is a long time to share in the life of a beloved pet thank you for giving him three months of your love and time.

Happy and safe travels.

Rhymes with class…
She had a big one as she loved food and always hid it. (So the owners said!)
All the cat names started with H.
2 dogs could not be together.
One dog Grace was born with no eyes and got to the ripe old age of 12.
2 cocker spaniels were show dogs and had to go to groomers regularly.
The cats all lived in a beautiful attic and library upstairs.
Mrs. Kipling was a beautiful tolerant, loving girl. (named after cakes and biscuits sold in the UK and beyond.)

We loved every minute of making this video…
4 dogs haved passed since our sit…
2 cats

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