Hi from Oz, but can't wait to get to the UK

Hi all
We are Bob and Cath with our 2 pups stuck in Oz desperate to get home to see family the UK.
We have been with TSH for a few years now, finding fantastic sitters for our trips who have really cared for our senior dogs here in Australia.
And in return we have been sitters too for some lovely pets in the UK
This last year has brought everything to a grinding halt,
We have had to arrange local sitters to be flexible in case we get stuck in a lockdown or have to quarantine.
I just can’t wait for the airlines to get going again and be fully vaccinated so I can see my family again.
Anyone in the same boat?


Welcome :wave: catspy

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Thank you Windtalker

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Hi Bob & Cath, welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining … we hear you, so many members are eager to get back to enjoying the freedom of pet and housesitting, it will come back and you will get to the UK and see family once more.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community all of these years we cannot wait to get to know you better and share in your THS adventures. Hope the pups are well.

Angela and the Team

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Hi there from a fellow Aussie who cant wait to travel home to Australia one day and see my 2 sons that I havent seen for a long time.


Hi @Happytravellers and “fellow Aussie” welcome to our community forum it’s great to have you join us, enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community!

Angela & The Team

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Hi @catspy and @Happytravellers

Welcome to the community forum!

I am eagerly waiting to go back to Ireland (from the UK) to visit all my family as I have not seen them in over a year now. My two nephews are growing too quickly without me. The first chance I can we will be getting the ferry over to spend a long time in Ireland with them.

We are starting to see the road to getting hugs with our family we just need to hang in there a bit longer.

Katie - Membership Services

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Hello Catspy, welcome to the club. Happy to see another owner/sitter on the forum.

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One year was upsetting and now looks like 2021 is going to be out of bounds too.

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Hi Katie
As soon as that second jab is in our arms we will be off. TSH at the ready. We are fortunate that we never have a shortage of willing sitters.


Hi Provence - I have to get my dog fix when we leave our pups

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Other way round. We are desperate to get to Australia to watch England win The Ashes. Sadly, it won’t be this year. We will get there, eventually.