Last minute cancellation due to pet illness

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice please. I have a sit booked starting soon but one of my pets has deteriorated rapidly in the last couple of days and I feel that the decision may have to be made soon to put him to sleep, possibly whilst we are away. Obviously, I don’t want to leave him right now, but I feel terrible if I cancel the sit.
I know these are circumstances that no one could predict, but please could anyone share their own experiences and any thoughts.


Hello, @kjm5858 Welcome to the community forum and I am sorry that it is under these circumstances. I am sure that there maybe some members on here that have had a simular experience and I will also direct message you.
Best wishes, Carla

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Hi Carla, thank you for your reply and your email. I have spoken to the lady and she totally understands the situation and was very kind which i am very grateful for. We will keep in touch and maybe in a few days we can begin the sit depending on what happens. :pray:

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Hello @kjm5858 you are most welcome and I am glad that you have a plan going forward. If you need anything just DM me and thinking of you during this time.
Best wishes Carla.