Last minute sits

I have had to back out of a sit at short notice, due to my own illness, and another issue relating to a sick animal/ potential infection problem. It would have been irresponsible to go ahead with this sit.

I would have liked to help the owner out by posting a link to her sitting as i feel bad about not being able to do it.

But I see that it is just for homeowners only- is that likely to change? Is here any suggested way we can help out when we have had to back out? Just thoughts really,but it would be useful to have an opinion. Regards

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It is the usual imbalance on THS, I guess. The company caters in the first place to owners.

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I think this is not about imbalance @pietkuip . I wouldn’t feel nice, if a sitter shared my listing on a forum without my permission, last minute or not.

But maybe if the HO is not a member of this forum, the sitter could ask their permission to have it here, and then contact moderators with screenshots of that permission? I don’t know, but maybe they could publish the listing on the last minute sits? Or better still, have the owner themselves become forum members! That would be a different scenario.


Are you able to ask the pet parent for permission to help find another sitter?

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