How to use the Last Minute Sit Category

Share last minute sits that are due to start within the next seven days with our community of pet people.

This is a category to help fill a last minute sit within 7 days of the start date, as shown on the listing. Your listing must also be posted on the main TrustedHousesitters website. This space is for pet parents and owners only - sitter requests will be removed.

This option is for members only. If you aren’t yet a member and need help to join please contact a member of the forum admin team.

Guidelines for posting are as follows:

  • Use the following format for the title:

    Example: SITTERS NEEDED 23-30 OCT 2021 CHEAM, SURREY, UK

  • You may post a last minute link to your listing in the topic - Check the link works before posting. Always post on a new line as directed to ensure the listing shows correctly with a preview box.

  • Do not include any personal information such as phone numbers, emails – remember this is a public forum.

  • If a connection is made, please move to the actual listing on the main TrustedHousesitters platform to continue with your application process.

  • When your sit is filled, please update the post to indicated this

Tips to help fill a last minute sit on the TrustedHousesitters main website:

  • Reach out to sitters from your dashboard by searching in your local area via “Find a Sitter”
  • If you have a STANDARD or PREMIUM membership you can BOOST your listing
  • Contact Membership Services for help and advice
  • Talk to the THS team to see if it’s possible for a share on social media channels

It might be useful for sitters to state in their profile that they are available sometimes for last min. sits. if they are retired and have free time as it must very distressing for an owner to have to find someone else. It can be equally distressing if an owner cancels and the sitter has already made travel arrangements.


That’s a good suggestion @Willexcell !


Thank you Vanessa. It might help to cut down on the stress of finding a sitter for the owner and msybe less work for THS


I wholeheartedly endorse this suggestion and have made it elsewhere. It would be so useful to know if sitters are willing/unwilling to be asked to fill a need at short notice.


Just a quick note
Last minute travelling expenses are triple because after the pandemic the flight companies raised the costs of everything ! It might be difficult for this reason too …of course if the sitter is from the same area no problems but travellers have to face this change . I wanted to house sitting in different last minute occasions but after have checked the travelling fairs I had to cancel my application…

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While I cannot go see my family overseas or really think about domestic travel; I’d be happy to consider local sits at short notice to help someone out especially if I haven’t made plans for the weekend.


This is yet another example of the bias that THS has in favour of owners.

Why is not there a similar category for sitters when the HO cancelled their sit at the last moment? Or when the HO returned early? Or when the HO did not keep to terms and conditions?