Not sure what to do now my sitter has just cancelled & only 3 weeks to go

Can someone please help as I’m new on here & not sure what to do as my sitter that was booked has now just cancelled with only 3 weeks to go & im starting to panic. We’re going away for 2 weeks & not sure of the next step. We have tried asking numerous people on the site but just get sorry we’re already booked or no answers.
Please help

Hello @Mark-Alexa I am so sorry you sitter has cancelled so close to the date but I looked at your home and your sweet babies and I feel you are going to find someone soon. Everything looks great and the sit is very welcoming. I just wish I could do the sit for you as I would jump on the chance.

I would like to make a suggestion that you link your member profile to your forum profile so perspective sitters can easily find your information and hopefully apply right away. To do so, just click here at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Welcome & Getting Started - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum.

If you get down to just seven days and haven’t found the right sitter, please come back on and file it as a Last Minute Sit so it appears in a special location for those looking to fill in space in between sits or just finding it to be the right time, right location.

I wish you luck!


Thank you so much for your reply & your knowledge.
I have now posted the link to my page & fingers crossed someone can help.

Hi @Mark-Alexa

I can understand how upset you are that your sitter has cancelled, especially as it’s your first time using THS. I hope that the sitter had a good excuse.

I’ve had a read of your listing and Ozzy and Pixie certainly look very cute. I’ve never experienced a sit with diapers on a dog. Has he never learned to go outside?
Also, you don’t mention how long the dogs can be left at home, that is always information we sitters need to know.
Good luck, I also feel sure you’ll find a sitter.

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Thank you for your reply & I have now listed on my page about how long the dogs can be left for.
Ozzy was Alessandra’s dog from a previous relationship & as far as I know he was left with her partner for most of the day while she worked & he never really trained him as he wasn’t totally train great himself, so now trying to train Ozzy is a real task as he’s now 8 years. If you let him outside or go for walks he’s fine, but if indoors for a long time & without a diaper he tends to mark his territory.

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It might be an idea if you mention that also in the listing as otherwise it could put people off.