LinkedIn Sitter Profiles

Hello fellow wandering home and pet sitters.

Share with me how you use Linked In as a sitter?
I am aware of the platform and have used it in my professional career prior to retirement from « employee status ».
I am looking to learn the following:
Do you use it to promote yourself as a sitter with THS? As an affiliate? Independently as a private sitter, (paid or unpaid), to promote your own business or blog site internationally?
Or all of the above?
I see that it is a valuable tool and am interested in hearing about the experiences others have had to ´ the home and pet sitting arena.


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Hi @Amparo ,
I linked my linkedin account to show I’m a responsible business owner and for HO’s to see a little bit more about my professionally. I don’t use linkedin in any other way in relation to THS.


Hi @Amparo I have had a LinkedIn account for many years. I initially set it up when I trained as an ESL (English as a Subsequent Language) instructor, and joined that community. I have now volunteered for many years in that community, arranging professional development for instructors. I use the account primarily in that role.

Once I started housesitting I added that into my profile, but the lead information was still about ESL/proofreading/editing/writing. My profile still covers both areas of interest, but now the information on the two roles in reversed - house sitting shows first. I am shown as a THS follower (as they are on LinkedIn), but I rarely take an active interest in LinkedIn as such. I don’t remember anyone every approaching me for house sitting through LinkedIn.

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Thank you that makes perfect sense @richten1

Thank you @Snowbird
I deleted my “pro” file with LinkedIn, just never really ever needed it and now I realize I still don’t :wink: