Listing Analytics

Just posted my first dates as a homeowner yesterday, I’ve been a sitter through TH for a few years but am excited to experience the process from the other side.

Since I am a data nerd, I’m wondering if any sort of analytics is available for homeowners. I didn’t see anything in the dashboard but would be really interested to know how many times my listing is viewed and from where.


Good question

Hi @Lindsay I can’t help at all with your question, but just want to remind you that you can also embed your listing in your forum profile. As you do have your sitter profile linked, I’ll add instructions on how to add both to your username profile.

No analytics of any sort. You may have to test some of the third party profile trackers. However, they primarily focus on social media. Hence, not sure how well they´ll do here, especially since THS blocks the retrieval of documents