Sitters cannot view my profile

I have updated and saved my listing. It appears that in order for others to see it I need to add sit dates (which I don’t have anything planned at the moment).

How do I make my listing live when it states “you must add dates”? A potential future sitter has said they can’t find my listing.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @geekista .
Home listings are only searchable by sitters if they have live dates.

There are currently only 4 Homes live in Portugal at the moment, however, if you check below the 4 that are live, you/ your potential sitter can see sits in Portugal which are not currently live - I think all of those have been active previous live sits although not exactly sure how these criteria is worked out.
A sitter can only contact an owner if a sit is live/has current dates, but a sitter can save any without dates by clicking on the heart symbol, and can then be notified when the sit becomes active, but must use the THS app to get a notification of this.

If you want to use this potential sitter once you decide on your dates, you have the option to offer the sit privately, rather than publish live on the website, but as a sitter I am not quite sure how/where that option is in your dashboard.


Thanks for reaching out. I guess I’ll just wait until I have the need for a sitter.

Thanks again.


Thank you for helping @geekista with all of the right advice @Petermac