Listing feedback please, sitter cancelled, no new applications!

Thank you to any owners or sitters who are able to review our listing and give us feedback. We have been members for many years and have just had our 18th wonderful sitter. The last year and a half we have had increasing difficulty in finding a sitter and receiving applications. We had found a wonderful sitter for our upcoming sit and unfortunately he had to cancel recently due to serious health issues. Since then we had two applications both of which never proceeded to even a phone call even though this was requested immediately. They both responded that they had chosen different and longer sits. If there is anything we could do to attract more sitters we will gladly do so. I know we need to add a few more pictures of the other bedrooms and the upstairs bathrooms…and this is in progress. Thank you!

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Hi @lcoley,

Welcome to the forum we’re glad you’ve join us here. I’ve taken a peak at your listing as honestly it sounds like a dream sit for a lot of reasons. If we didn’t have travel plans already for your dates then we would have applied as we have family near to Vashon and I would love to give our toddler some exposure to farm animals. That being said you do have a fair amount of animals so that could be what is giving some sitters a pause. Everything is well outlined as to what you are looking for and your expectations.

I would start by searching for sitters ASAP and reaching out to see if they would be interested. Look for sitters that are in your area, look through the ones that have done other similar sits. I think your listing would be best suited for a family or couple so everyone can share the duties. I’m sure other members here will have some other helpful feed back but I would start with sending out requests that highlight your amazing home and your fun goats/dogs.

Hello @lcoley and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I just had a peruse of your listing and honestly it looks fab! As @Kelly_U mentioned, we would also certainly jump at applying for your sit if we had been able to do your dates but will certainty keep a look out for the future! Your dogs, dwarf goats and hens all look adorable :dog::rooster::goat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Definitely start to reach out to sitters and I am sure you will find the perfect family or couple to sit your beautiful home and pets very soon.

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Well your sit looks fantastic. The advice I’d give is that you should rearrange your pics so that the animals come first. Is there a need for a pic of a jetboat? You mention the ferry and bus but how long will it take to get to Seattle? Where is the nearest shop/supermarket?
You’ve got 14 reviews (although say you’ve had 18 sitters).
Take on board the other advice given by reaching out to sitters, although it doesn’t always work, and previous sitters too.
Good luck! I’d love it!


Your sit sounds like an absolute dream and I’m surprised it hasn’t been snatched up yet! Perhaps you can ask member services to promote on Instagram?
Also, since you have no applicants, I think you may be able to relist it as new so that it moves back to the top of the pack. Adding photos and other edit may have the same effect, but I’m not 100%.
I honestly don’t have any notes in regards to your listing. You are super transparent about what the animals need, you are flexible in offering cover for longer outings and are even providing a car! Also, Nigerian dwarf goats??! Come on! :heart_eyes:

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Hi. I remember your listing from earlier in the year and thought it looked wonderful. You certainly have plenty of photos and a good description of what is needed by the pets.

I wonder if you could add a link to the ferry schedule, so that potential sitters know the times and cost to get on/off island. And also mention what grocery options are available on island, since it might be a little daunting for someone that is used to city life. Also, the Vashon Chamber of Commerce has a site with some great links to local attractions.

If we were in the area already, we would definitely have applied! Vashon has been on my to do list since I read The Egg and I, written by a former resident. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect sitter. Good luck!

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All good suggestions, thank you. I will have to figure out how to rearrange the pictures as the house photos are under their own section which comes before the section on the animals. On the main listing where you can click through the photos they are merged together, but I will see if there is some way to move them around in their entirety. If anyone out there understands my dilemma with the photos and knows how to merge and organize the home and animal photo sections please chime in. I had added some of the additional photos of life on the island as I thought it might help to show that there “vacation type” things to do on Vashon. Great point about putting in travel times for the ferry and pointing out that the town of Vashon has grocery stores etc. Thank you again for your encouragement.

Thank you so much for your advice and that would have been great if your family was able to come this way and visit with family too. Maybe another time. I agree that a hobby farm is probably not on everyone’s list as sitters, but the strange part is that we’ve had the goats for almost three years and it has only been in the last year that the number of applications have dropped. I’m also seeing a lot of similar posts on the forum where people are having the same issues. If I look at the entire Seattle area, every single home has “low applications” listed right now. I imagine our lovely February, March weather might also not be many people’s cup of tea. I have sat down and sent off two separate batches of directed invites to sitters in the area and 75% have either read and not responded or not even read the invite. This is also a new phenomenon for us in comparison to past experiences. I will keep on sending them out though as we really need to find a sitter. It is one thing to kennel dogs, a completely different situation with goats and chickens. Thank you again.

@lcoley I have attached a link that should hopefully help with the re-ordering of your photos on your listing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help.


@lcoley Its great to hear that you have sent out a batch of invites to sitters in the area but I would also suggest sending direct invites to sitters who are not based in your area. I actually suggested this to another homeowner the other day who was struggling after sending out so many local invites and she actually ended up getting an acceptance from a sitter in South Africa who was absolutely delighted to receive an invitation to sit in the UK, so you never know it’s always worth a try! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your sit looks amazing. If you haven’t already done so, you should reach out to your previous sitters to see if any of them could return or may have someone in their networks who may be available. Many sitters know other sitters, so it may be worth a shot. Best of luck in finding a great fit.

Hi @lcoley your sit is such a great opportunity for a sitters to enjoy adorable pet companionship and a lovely home in one of the truly beautiful parts of the PNW … the whole area is amazing at any time of the year, even when it’s raining :wink:

I will be posting your listing to our Social channels today which will give it extra visibility

Have you searched and invited sitters from the Portland area and other parts of OR … Seattle too, in fact there really is no need to limit outreach especially on the West Coast.

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Try not to despair, many folks are interested in coming to Vashon and if I wasn’t already booked, I would be excited to apply. Only advice I have is initially I brushed right over your ad because three dogs is typically a lot for a solo sitter. Having read the description, that they are able to self exercise in the yard and that you back up to trails, I would not have the same concern. Perhaps there’s a way to put that in your heading somehow as you may draw more applicants. I have now saved your sit and will keep my eyes on future opportunities.


@lcoley Your sit looks great! We are planning a trip to Vancouver, Banff, BC, and then Seattle for next year. We’d be very interested. In regards to your needs now, however, don’t give up. THS can post it in social media and in the “last minute sits” category. It looks like a great sit, especially if you could allow sitters to have maybe one day during their stay in which they could be gone longer than 6 hours (a longer day trip). Just a thought.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yes! That would definitely be possible as we have a large kennel that the dogs could stay in as needed and we have an on-island dog sitter that could come 1-2 times a day as well. She only charges $25 a visit and we would pay for her fee here and there if it helped. We’d love to welcome you if you do come to Seattle. We travel frequently.

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Hmmmm, I am thinking how to include this information along with Island living…great suggestion. Would love to have you stay someday, especially in the sunny season!

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Thank you so much!!! Appreciate the help and exposure.

Thank you. We have reached out to all of our past sitters that we thought might be available, but we have been doing it for so many years that many are inactive, have moved part of the year to Hawaii or are busy. This has been the most challenging sit to fill yet!

Great idea of adding a link to the ferry schedule…I’ll see if I can do that as well as the Vashon Chamber. I didn’t realize you could link things, but I guess you just use a hyperlink. We go away a lot so, if there is a way to save our property and be alerted to upcoming sits, please do!

Hi. Yes, you can just add the links (see below), in case someone wants to look them up.

And I know it isn’t during your current trip, but you’ve got a strawberry festival on Vashon in the summer that looks like fun, as well as a cider festival in the fall. Before I started rooting through the chamber of commerce events site, I had no idea there was that much going on on your island.

I’ve bookmarked your listing (the little heart on the top right in any listing) in case we ever have dates that line up. Right now, we are booked for summer and won’t be back in Washington until Thanksgiving/Christmas. I see you’ve got an applicant now. Hope that works out and that you get to enjoy your vacation!