Listings slipping through the Net

@LizBCN You are most welcome and I know there can sometimes be a disconnect between what members see and what is happening in the background, so if I can help connect the dots then I am more than happy to.

It would be great if all updates to listings could be checked, but as you mentioned currently that is time and resource-heavy with the amount of daily updates. I think additional guidance on the platform is always helpful, so whilst it is not up to me I will pass this suggestion on and if I hear of any updates about the approvals process or new site features to help with this issue I will post back here. Thank you for your kind words :smiling_face:

@Carla Thank you for the insights. Appreciate your time on this.


@KenandMary1998 You are most welcome. Thank you for your kind reply and apologies if there was any previous confusion about that listing. :smiling_face:

Hmmmm, seems another one has slipped through the THS net.

Sit currently up in desirable location with two dates, both showing no overnight and not one, single photo of anything, only 5 blurry pet snaps. Definitely hasn’t been vetted!

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Hello @ziggy Please feel free to DM me the listing link and I can look into this further for you :slight_smile:

I saw 2 listings today that shouldnt have been approved - one had no photos at all and the other mentions a lodger in the house. Neither has prior sits, so they seem brand new. I don’t ont report these because(as others have mentioned) policing THS listings should be a paid job for a THS staff member.

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Hello @Lassie Thanks for sharing this. I know you don’t want to report them, but if you want me to check for you if they are new or old listing feel free to send me the listing links. No pressure either way but if they turn out to be new listings then it is very helpful feedback and examples that I can pass onto the Approvals team.

Ive wondered the same thing myself…

Wow, that would potentially create liability for the host and maybe THS if something bad happened to the sitter. Like if a sitter were attacked by an aggressive pet and their lawyer later subpoenaed exchanges between the host and THS about a listing and there was documentation that say a dog was aggressive and then the host hid it by editing out such references, willful culpability would be much easier to prove.

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I now see one with just two pictures of the dog. The HO claims successful sits on THS but there are no reviews on the web interface. The app shows thirteen sits, the oldest in 2015.

Did none of their sitters leave a review or did something happen to the database?

Anyway, I will just skip them. Also this thing with “4-6 days (flexible)” could be trouble.

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It’s been a while since I reported a listing but this one didn’t have a single picture ( no house, no pet pics) so I sent it via email to THS support. Kudos to team for responding on the weekend and taking the listing down with 24 hours.

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Ive noticed quite a few sits recently for day care (no accommodation), one with just pics of the dog (none of the home or interior), several with photos of the garden but none of the home interior and one which stated their 15 year old son would be staying at home during the sit (!).

How do these slip through the net? I’m astonished to see that many do actually receive applications!

I’ve reported most to MS, but noticed not all listings were taken down.

Do pet parents not receive a checklist of what should be included in listings?

I have suggested this on a number of occasions as I also have reported quite a few. There really can’t be a “net” for this number to be getting through. I proposed a simple check list before the host can upload their sit e.g. I confirm: I have included photos of my home including where sitter will sleep, I have no cameras, no third parties, sit includes at least one overnight stay etc. It would at least remind them of the terms. Never had any feedback on this.


@LizBCN That’s a simple and great idea! The posting checklist could perhaps include: ’ I confirm: I have included photos of my home including all rooms which the sitter will occupy.’

Sometimes, we see photos of all the bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, when I really want to just see the bedroom and bathroom we’ll be using, plus the living room and kitchen. Or, there will be pics of all the rooms in the family home, but the listing states sitters will be staying in an annexe (which often is not pictured).

A basic check list before posting would so easily solve all these issues.


I know, it is very frustrating especially as those "slipping through the (probably non-existent) net seem to keep coming. I am afraid I have stopped bothering to report them now but just don’t apply for them.
However if it is the case that a lot of new sitters are joining who aren’t so familiar with the Terms and Conditions I can envisage a lot of sits happening out side of these “ground rules” and slowly but surely they will become the norm.

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@Happypets Photos of multiple bedrooms and bathrooms are very relevant for sitters who sit as a family, couples who like to sleep apart because of snoring, or where there is one person who takes an inordinately long time in the bathroom/toilet! I’d rather see everything available to sitters.

I do agree that if sitters are to occupy an annexe, this should be included in the photos and ideally with captions, although these are only visible in the app.

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From a recent listing in a popular location: :neutral_face:

I am usually at work during the week and home at the weekends, when you can remain in the house or travel at your leisure!


That may not be so terrible. Or even really nice.

Alternatively, to comply with the T&C’s, the HO could list a bunch of Monday-to-Friday sits and let the sitter stay the days before and after and in between. But in reality that would not make much difference.